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Overdraft protection

If you’re concerned your account may not have enough funds to cover upcoming expenses, overdraft protection can help you avoid the inconvenience of extra fees and declined transactions.

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What are the benefits of overdraft protection?

Wide coverage

Get coverage from $250 to $2,500*20, *21 on both our Standard and Occasional overdraft plans.

Peace of mind

Forget the stress and potential embarrassment of declined transactions, and don’t get caught paying unwanted non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees.

Low fees

  • $5 a month fee for Standard Overdraft Protection*20.
  • Occasional Overdraft Protection does not carry a monthly fee but does charge $5 per transaction when using overdraft protection*21.

Select your overdraft protection

We offer two types of overdraft protection, so you can choose the plan that suits your needs.

  • Standard Overdraft Protection: Find you’re frequently going into overdraft? No matter how often you do, this plan is $5.00 a month. This fee is waived for Premium Chequing account customers*20.
  • Occasional Overdraft Protection (Not available for residents of Quebec): Take precaution against occasional overdrafts. Forget the monthly fee, and instead pay $5.00 per transaction*21.
  • Still not sure? We also offer an Overdraft Transfer Service. This service lets you pre-arrange to have funds moved from one BMO account to another to cover you in case of overages or insufficient funds. A $5 transaction fee applies*22.

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