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CreditView - The free, instant way to get your credit score

Your credit score plays a big part of your financial health and now you can get it quickly and for free. We’ve teamed up with TransUnion to give you access to CreditView®, where you can get your free credit score, plus find tips on how you can improve it.

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Why use CreditView®

Improve financial health

Easily understand the score factors affecting your credit score and get tips on how to improve it, so you have more control over your financial future.

No impact on credit score

It's your score and you should be able to see it when you want. Using CreditView will not affect your score.

It's free

If you’re signed up for online or mobile banking, you can access CreditView anytime you log in, at no cost.

What you can do with CreditView?

  • Credit Score

    Easy to understand visuals clearly show your score and how you compare with other Canadians. Plus see what's affecting your score and how it's changed over time.

  • Score Simulator

    Thinking of getting another credit card? Ready to pay off a balance? See how it could affect your credit score before you make any commitments.

  • Credit Report

    Get a detailed picture of your borrowing history and activity in Canada, including a list of your active accounts, payment history and who’s made inquiries on your credit information.

  • Credit Education

    Increase your financial know-how and confidence with helpful info on credit, lending and more.

how the CreditView dashboard looks on a laptop and smartphone

How to check your credit score

Seeing your score is as easy as signing into BMO online or mobile banking.

Online Banking

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Click the Profile & Settings on the top right
  3. Under the Profile section, select My Credit Score

Mobile banking app

  1. Open the BMO mobile banking app
  2. Tap the More menu
  3. Scroll down and select My Credit Score under Your Settings

What is your credit score and why does it matter?

Why is your credit score so important? Well, if you’re applying for a credit card, loan or mortgage, it’s one of the key factors when a bank or other lender decides how credit worthy you are.

Your credit score can determine not only whether you get a card or loan, but also what interest rate you’ll pay. As well, potential landlords, employers and insurance companies can also request a copy of your credit score and credit report.

So even if you’re not planning on borrowing money right now, it’s a good idea to see what shape your credit score is in and if you need to work on it.

Not a BMO customer yet?

Get free access to your credit score when you get a BMO bank account and sign up for online/mobile banking.

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CreditViewFrequently Asked Questions

Helpful credit advice

How to improve your credit score

It may not always feel like you have the power to improve your credit score, but you can do it with the help of these tips.

How to get approved for a personal loan or line of credit

Looking to make a large purchase or consolidate debt? Increase your chances of getting approved.