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Online Bank Tools

BMO Alerts

BMO Alerts are an effortless way to stay on top of your bank account and credit card activity. Tell us what you want to know about and we’ll do the work of keeping track of things. Customize your alerts to send you just the information you want.
Bank account alerts will tell you when:
  • Your account balance falls below a specified amount
  • A withdrawal greater than your specified amount is made
  • A deposit greater than your specified amount is made
  • Unusual activity on your BMO debit card is suspected
  • Your eStatement is ready to view
Credit card alerts will tell you when:
  • Your minimum payment due
  • You’re approaching your credit limit
  • You make purchases over a specified dollar amount so you can make sure it was really you who make the transaction
  • A payment is posted to your account

How to set up your BMO alerts

Make banking easier

Smiling young man at a café logging into online banking with his laptop.

Online banking

If you have a BMO Debit Card or Credit Card, you can be banking online in a couple of clicks.
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Smiling young woman signing into mobile banking on her smartphone.

Mobile banking

When you step out the door, bring your bank with you with the BMO Mobile Banking app.
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Young woman doing her banking at an ATM.

ATM banking

Spend less time at the ATM by setting your preferences and creating shortcuts.
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