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Online Bank Tools

What are BMO Alerts?

Get text or email notifications about what’s going on with your credit card or bank accounts. Choose and customize your alerts so you get just the info you want.


How to set up your BMO Alerts

Step 1

It’s easy! Sign in to BMO Online Banking.

Step 2

Click the ‘My Profile & eDocuments’ tab. Select ‘My Alerts’ from the left menu.

Step 3

Choose the alerts you want us to send and set the dollar amounts.

Want to know more?

  • How will I receive BMO Alerts?
    You can choose to receive your Alerts by email or text message.
  • Can I change my Alerts?
    Sure thing! Sign into BMO Online Banking and go to ‘My Alerts’ in the ‘My Profile & eDocuments’ tab. You can then change your Alerts as you’d like. Remember to click ‘Save Alerts’ when you’re done and enjoy the updates immediately. If you change your mobile phone number, you’ll need to reply ‘Yes’ to the verification text we send shortly after the update.
  • What happens if I change my email address or mobile phone number?
    Sign in to BMO Online Banking and go to ‘My Alerts’ in the ‘My Profile & eDocuments’ tab. From there you can update your contact info.
  • Can I opt out of BMO Alerts?
    Of course. You can opt out of BMO Alerts at any time by signing into BMO Online Banking and modifying your Alert settings or by texting “STOP” to 266898.
  • Are my Alert messages secure?
    Absolutely. We’ll never send your entire account number, password or other personal identification information in an alert message. And we’ll never ask you to send personal information like your address, account number or password by text message or email. If you get an alert asking for personal information that appears to be from BMO, please do not respond and instead, help us protect you from fraud by letting us know.
  • I enrolled in Alerts. Why am I not receiving them?
    First, be sure to confirm your Alert preferences in Online Banking. If you’re still not getting them, try the following:
    • Confirm your contact info is correct. If you’ve selected email, make sure the Alerts aren’t going to your junk mail folder.
    • Ensure that your Alerts have not been ‘turned off’ or ‘suspended’ in your Manage Preferences page.
    • If the contact method is SMS/text, ensure your mobile device is capable of receiving text messages and the settings on your device are set appropriately.

    If you’re still having trouble, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
  • How much does this cost?
    BMO Alerts is a free service, however you’re responsible for any fees charged by your mobile device service provider including standard messaging and data charges.
  • What credit card alerts are available?
    Security Alerts: Get notified about any suspicious activity on your credit card. You can confirm you made a specific transaction or immediately report it as fraudulent.

    Authorized Transaction: Get an alert when a transaction is made above a specific amount. (e.g. I want to receive an alert anytime a purchase over $100 is made on my BMO credit card).

    Approaching Credit Limit: Get an alert if a transaction puts you close to your credit limit. Set the amount you want to be notified at, for example when you’re within $250 of your credit limit.

    Minimum Payment Due: Set a reminder alert between 1 to 10 days before your minimum payment is due.

    Posted Payment: Get confirmation when a payment is posted to your account.
  • What bank account alerts are available?
    Minimum Balance: Know when your account balance drops below a set amount.

    Large Withdrawals: Get an alert when a withdrawal above a certain amount is made from your account.

    Large Deposits: Get an alert when a deposit above a certain amount is made to your account.

    eStatement: Know when your eStatement is ready for viewing.

    Security Alerts: Be notified if there’s any unusual activity on your BMO debit card and if you need to change your PIN or come into a branch.