Professional Support - Anytime, Anywhere, Always Confidential


The TELUS Health personal assistance services program is an innovative wellbeing solution that supports your mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing. The TELUS Health benefit provides timely and expert advice at no cost to you.


TELUS Health personal assistance services program offers:


  • Professional Counselling Support Services
  • Dependent Care Consultation Services
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Support
  • Online Health and Wellness Resources

Terms & Conditions


BMO Insurance is in no way liable for the provision of services described, nor for the nature or quality of the services provided by TELUS Health. BMO Insurance reserves the right to change the service provider, change the nature of the services or cancel access to these services at any time without notice unless otherwise stated.


BMO Insurance offers the services on a referral basis only and will not charge you for the services provided. TELUS Health (Canada) Ltd. will not charge you for the services they provide. You may, however, incur additional costs for services or for providers that may be referred to you by TELUS Health (Canada) Ltd. These additional charges are incurred at your sole discretion and BMO Insurance will not be liable for their payment.




BMO Insurance will not be obliged to fulfill the Transportation of the Body (returning to Canada) service or any other TELUS Health services:


a) If the Policy is not in force

b) If the death of the Life Insured results either directly or indirectly from suicide within two years after the date of the Policy or the date of the most recent reinstatement whether he or she is sane or insane at the time.