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Life Insurance

Planning for the future today


Life insurance helps you provide for your family financially after you've passed away. The cash benefit can be used by your beneficiaries any way they choose: pay for funeral costs, living expenses or children's tuition. You may also want to leave a monetary gift for someone special or donate to charity. It's up to you.


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Accident & Critical Illness Insurance

Financial security if the unexpected happens


As much as we don't like to think about it, accidents do happen and even the healthiest people can get sick. Accident or critical illness insurance can help provide for you and your dependents if the unexpected happens. Accident insurance provides coverage if you are injured in an accident and critical illness insurance can help if you are diagnosed with a serious covered illness. You decide how to spend your cash benefit.


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Travel Insurance

Protection while you're away from home


Travel insurance covers you in case your trip is interrupted by a medical emergency, illness, lost baggage or flight delays and helps you pay for extra expenses you hadn't anticipated. BMO Insurance offers a variety of travel insurance plans to meet your needs, whether you are seeking medical or travel related protection such as trip cancellation or lost baggage coverage, or both medical and travel-related coverage.


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Make the most of your retirement


Whether you're planning to volunteer full-time or travel the globe when you retire, determining your insurance needs during this chapter of your life is a crucial step to achieving financial security. Our insurance solutions can help maximize your retirement income, protect the value of your estate and help you leave a legacy.


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As life changes your insurance needs do too



Starting out

The earlier you buy insurance, the lower your premiums are

Your first job Regardless of your profession or career path, having life insurance can help your dependants meet financial obligations in the case of an unwelcome event. It also protects what you're working hard to build, your savings and investments.
Your health When you're young and healthy, you may not feel the need for insurance. But what if you were in an accident or were diagnosed with a serious illness? insureNOW Plus coverage helps you pay bills so you can focus on getting better.
Your travel plans Exploring the world or just getting away may be at the top of your to-do list right now. Travel insurance protects your trip investment and coverage available ranges from protecting you if your baggage gets lost, flights are delayed or you have a medical emergency while you're away from home.


Your insurance coverage should match your growing needs

Getting married Now that you've made the commitment to share your life with someone, you'll be sharing financial responsibilities as well. If one of you were to get sick or pass away, it could put a strain your finances and on your relationship. Should the unforeseen happen, life insurance can help you manage financially during a difficult time period.
Starting a family As you enter this exciting new chapter in your life and expand your family, you need to consider how you will provide for them if you or your partner became sick, were injured or died. You can protect your loved ones' financial well-being and children's future with insureNOW Plus
Starting a business Did you know life insurance provides coverage and can also be a source of cash for your business? If you're a sole proprietor, accident and critical illness insurance can also help your company remain viable should you become ill, injured or die.

Managing change

Insurance helps you navigate life's ups and downs

Being single again If you separate, get divorced or lose your partner, it's time to review your insurance policies to see where you need to make adjustments. Accident and critical illness insurance is particularly important now to protect you financially if you become sick or get seriously hurt.
Changing jobs Your new employer may not offer the same insurance benefits as your old job or enough coverage to meet your needs so it's a good idea to consider topping up what you have. If you get sick or suffer an injury and are unable to work, you can rely on accident and critical illness insurance.
Changes in your health It's inevitable, your health will change as you get older. But insurance coverage is still within reach even if you're not in good health. The Guaranteed-Life Plus and Guaranteed Hospital Cash Benefits plans guarantee coverage so you don't have to take a medical exam or answer questions about your health to enrol.


Live out your golden years the way you intended

Preserving your estate People are living longer so it's reasonable to be concerned that you might outlive your retirement savings. Guaranteed Investment Funds can help ensure you maintain your standard of living well beyond your working years.
Creating a legacy Like many people, you may choose to leave something behind for your children and grandchildren or a favourite charity or organization. Whole Life Insurance and Pure Term 100 can help you give financial support or a monetary gift to people or causes that are important to you.
Staying active and healthy Today's seniors lead active lives but still have questions and concerns about their health. Many of our plans include the Helping Hands® program, a health and wellness referral resource. If you injure yourself, FractureCare Plus can help you maintain your lifestyle as you recover.

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