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A secure source of retirement income

Medical advances and healthier lifestyle choices mean people are living longer but you may worry about outliving your money.

When you use a lump sum investment to purchase an income annuity, you receive regular payments for a specific time period or for life.

Those payments are guaranteed so you have a worry-free, dependable source of retirement income.

  • Payments are guaranteed
  • No need to manage an investment portfolio
  • Income annuities help make retirement years simple, not more complicated
  • Inflation protection option available

Choose your plan

Choose the amount of income or the period of time you want to receive payments

Single Life Annuity

Single Life Annuity

  • Provides income for as long as you live
  • If you choose a guaranteed period on your annuity, your income payments will be guaranteed for the selected number of years
  • If you die during the guaranteed period, your beneficiary will receive a death benefit
  • Buy an income annuity between $10,000 and $500,000 (non-registered) / $1,000,000 (registered).
Joint Life Annuity Term Certain Annuity Registered and Non-Registered Annuities

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Contact your Investment or Insurance Advisor

Explore other insurance plans tailored to your additional needs – Preferred Term Life, Whole Life, Critical Illness, Universal Life,
Income Annuities and Guaranteed Investment Funds.

Insurer: BMO Life Assurance Company

Full details, terms and conditions are available on request.

Insurance benefits are tax-free payments under current legislation.