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  • Permanent lifetime insurance protection
  • Guaranteed rates
  • Depending on the plan, may include a guaranteed cash value
  • Can be used to cover off tax liabilities and other charges due on your estate
  • Provides a tax-free payment to your beneficiaries

Coverage for life

  • Your policy will never expire
  • Your premiums will never increase

Choose the amount

Get $25,000 to $10 million in coverage, depending on the product

To get a personalized quote, contact an Independent Insurance Advisor

Built-in cash value

Available after five or 10 years, depending on the plan

Guaranteed monthly premiums

Once your coverage is approved, your premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for life

A plan to meet your needs

  • 20 Pay Life: guaranteed premiums for 20 years, after which time your coverage is fully paid-up, plus cash values and an option to stop paying premiums for a reduced amount of coverage after 10 years
  • Term 100 Platinum: guaranteed premiums to age 100, plus cash values and an option to stop paying premiums for a reduced amount of coverage after five years
  • Pure Term 100: guaranteed premiums to age 100

Customize your plan

Add extra insurance protection to your life insurance plan

  • Accidental Death Rider: covers you in case of an accident
  • Waiver of Premium: covers your premium payments if you become disabled
  • Children’s Term Insurance Benefit: provides term life insurance for your children
  • Term Insurance Riders: adds term life insurance coverage to supplement the permanent life protection

Cancel your policy within 10 days for a full refund

Includes the BMO Insurance Health Advocate Plan at no extra charge

Contact your Investment or Insurance Advisor

Explore other insurance plans tailored to your additional needs – Preferred Term Life, Whole Life, Critical Illness, Universal Life,
Income Annuities and Guaranteed Investment Funds.

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Insurance issued by BMO Life Assurance Company

Full details, terms and conditions are available on request.

Insurance benefits are tax-free payments under current legislation.