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Income Annuities

Get a secure source of retirement income


Do you worry about outliving your retirement income? People are living longer due to medical advances and healthier lifestyle choices. Protect your savings and your retirement by using a lump-sum investment to purchase an income annuity. Get a regular, guaranteed source of income for a specific time period or for life.


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  • Guaranteed payments
  • No need to manage an investment portfolio
  • Inflation protection option available

Protect your retirement savings


Saving for retirement and making wise investment choices can be a challenge for today's investors. Maximizing your retirement funds doesn't mean having to take a higher risk. BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds enable you to take advantage of rising markets, while enjoying a safety net during market downturns.


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  • Guarantees that protect up to 100% of your investment
  • A range of fund choices available based on your personal need
  • A full suite of non-registered and registered savings and retirement income plans

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