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  • A tax-efficient and cost-effective way to cover off your permanent insurance needs
    with the added benefit of a tax-deferred investment portfolio
  • Guaranteed rates for life insurance costs
  • Allows you to access the cash value of your policy
  • Provides a tax-free lump sum payment to your beneficiaries

Coverage for life

Policy is paid up at age 100 – but your protection continues for as long as you live

Affordable lifetime protection

Example of monthly cost for Universal Life Insurance

Permanent (Universal Life) coverage: $100,0001 monthly cost

LifeProvider Age 35 Age 40 Age 45 Age 50 Age 55
Male non-smoker $67.35 $81.89 $103.91 $122.62 $155.70
Female non-smoker $60.03 $71.77 $88.52 $107.06 $132.65
LifeProvider Age 35
Male non-smoker $67.35
Female non-smoker $60.03

LifeProvider Age 40
Male non-smoker $81.89
Female non-smoker $71.77

LifeProvider Age 45
Male non-smoker $103.91
Female non-smoker $88.52

LifeProvider Age 50
Male non-smoker $122.62
Female non-smoker $107.06

LifeProvider Age 55
Male non-smoker $155.70
Female non-smoker $132.65

For full details including cash values and other plan types, or to get a personalized quote, contact an Independent Insurance Advisor

More than 200 investment options available

Select from a wide range of guaranteed interest and equity-linked investment accounts

  • Guaranteed-interest accounts have a minimum guaranteed rate of return
  • Equity-linked investment accounts earn investment returns based on the performance of some of Canada's most recognized money managers

Access to cash

You may decide to access part of your tax-deferred investment account as a source of extra retirement income, to fund your child's education, to cover expenses if you become disabled or even as an emergency cash account. Ask your Insurance Advisor for more details.

Customize your plan

Add extra insurance protection to your life insurance plan

  • Term Insurance Rider: adds term life insurance coverage to supplement the permanent life protection
  • Accidental Death Rider: covers you in case of an accident
  • Waiver of Premium: covers your premium payments or any other amount you choose if you become disabled
  • Children's Term Insurance Benefit: provides term life insurance for your children
  • Living Benefit Rider: provides a lump-sum payment to you if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness
  • Business Guaranteed Insurability Option: ideal for business owners who want to lock in their ability to purchase additional life insurance protection in the future

Includes the BMO Insurance Health Advocate Plan at no extra charge

A plan to meet your needs

  • Life Dimensions and Life Dimensions (Low Fees)
  • Wealth Dimensions

10-day money-back guarantee

Cancel your policy within 10 days for a full refund

Contact your Investment or Insurance Advisor

Explore other insurance plans tailored to your additional needs – Preferred Term Life, Whole Life, Critical Illness, Universal Life,
Income Annuities and Guaranteed Investment Funds.

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Insurance issued by BMO Life Assurance Company

Full details, terms and conditions are available on request.

Insurance benefits are tax-free payments under current legislation.

Rates effective July 2013. Subject to change without notice. Premiums shown are minimum premiums paid monthly for life for a BMO Insurance LifeProvider policy.