Call Best Doctors® when you need:


  • A second opinion on a medical diagnosis and treatment options
  • Assistance finding a top specialist or treatment facility in or outside Canada
  • Expert advice about a medical condition
  • Help navigating the Canadian healthcare system

When you're sick or have a medical condition, waiting for the right diagnosis can leave you feeling uncertain about how to move forward. Best Doctors® offers clear medical advice with compassion and understanding so you'll have the information you need to confidently make decisions about your health. Their team will review your medical records and test results and match you with the appropriate medical expert who confirms your diagnosis and recommends the best course of treatment. The services are entirely confidential and designed to work with the care you receive from your own physician.


Enrollment in this program is included in the Life Recovery Plus plan, and as a customer, you have immediate access and don't have to wait until you make a claim to use it.

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Terms & Conditions


Your family (family members include the policyholder, policyholder's spouse and dependent children (under 18 years of age) and parents and siblings of both the policyholder and the policyholder's spouse) can also use the Best Doctors service once every three years for no additional cost other than for services or for providers that may be referred to your family by Best Doctors.


BMO Insurance is in no way liable for the provision of services described, nor for the nature or quality of the services provided by Best Doctors. BMO Insurance reserves the right to change the service provider or change the nature of the services at any time without notice.


BMO Insurance offers the services on a referral basis only and will not charge you for the services provided. Best Doctors will not charge you for the services they provide. You and your family may, however, incur additional costs for services or for providers that you may be referred to by Best Doctors. These additional charges are incurred at your sole discretion and BMO Life Assurance Company will not be liable for their payment.




BMO Insurance will not be obliged to fulfill Best Doctors services:


a) If the Policy is not in force

b) If the death of the Life Insured results either directly or indirectly from suicide within two years after the date of the Policy or the date of the most recent reinstatement whether he or she is sane or insane at the time