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How to send money online

Sending money online has never been easier with Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger. Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill with friends, paying a contractor or sending your dog walker this week’s pay. Looking to send money internationally? We’ve got you covered with Global Money Transfers and wire transfers.

It’s easy to send money with Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger

Send money fast

Easily send money to friends or family using Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger.

Send money safely

Money sent via Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger is delivered using the same trusted banking systems that handle thousands of secure transactions every day—so you can relax knowing your money is in safe hands.

Made a mistake? No worries!

You can cancel an Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger if the recipient hasn’t accepted it yet. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to find out how.

How are you sending money through Interac e-Transfer®footnote double dagger?

Find out how to send money quickly and easily using your mobile device or computer.


step one

Sign in to the BMO Mobile Banking App

Tap Pay & Transfer and then INTERAC e-Transfer®footnote double dagger.

step two

Select a recipient

Let us know who you’d like to send money to, how much and from which account.

step three

Enter security information, review and transfer

Take a second to review the details of your e-Transfer and create a security question if your contact doesn’t have Autodeposit set up. Select Continue and you’re all set!

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Send money abroad with BMO Global Money Transfer

Enjoy a fast, safe way to send money overseas with BMO Global Money Transfer. Transfer funds to up to 50 countries in multiple currencies. It’s a convenient account-to-account transfer and the recipient will receive the money directly in their bank account.

Here’s how to send money using BMO Global Money Transfer:

  1. Sign into the BMO Mobile Banking App and select Pay and Transfer from the menu.
  2. Select Global Money Transfer then enter the recipient and transfer details.
  3. Check that the information is correct, then send your money transfer.

You’ll receive a notification as soon as the recipient receives your transfer.

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Send money by wire transfer

Send money quickly, conveniently and securely with wire transfers.

To send a wire transfer, just visit a BMO branch and make sure to have:

  • The recipient’s name
  • Their address
  • Their bank account number (international bank account numbers are called IBANS)

For information on wire transfer fees, check out the

Agreements Bank Plans and Fees for Everyday Banking (PDF).

Wondering how to receive a wire transfer from overseas?

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