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Send Money

Online Interac e-Transfer®§ Transaction

Toss the chequebook. Sending money online has never been easier. Simply and quickly split a dinner bill with friends, pay a contractor or repay a co-worker. If someone has an email address and a Canadian bank account, you can send them money.

Don’t worry, the money isn’t being sent by email, just the notification about the transfer. Once the recipient accepts the transfer, the money is sent using existing secure payment networks banks have used and counted on for years.

How to send money via Interac e-Transfer®§ with Online Banking

FAQs for sending money online

Now that you know about sending money online, take the next step

Young man at home paying his bills online on his laptop.

Pay bills

Kiss stamps and bank lines goodbye when you pay your bills online.
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Smiling young woman at a café transferring money online with her laptop.

Transfer money

Quickly move money between your accounts.
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Smiling young woman signing into mobile banking on her smartphone.

Get started with mobile banking

When you step out the door, bring your bank with you with the BMO Mobile Banking app.
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