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Pay Bills

ATM Bill Payment

Pay bills while you’re out running errands, on the way to work or just having a stroll. BMO ATMs let you take care of bills conveniently, 24/7.

How to pay bills at a BMO ATM

Step 1

After you’ve entered your PIN at a BMO ATM, tap the Other Banking button on the Welcome Screen.

Step 2

Select the Payments button.

Step 3

Select the payee from the list presented. You can set up and add payees through BMO Online and Mobile Banking.

Step 4

Select the account you want to pay your bill from.

Step 5

Enter the amount you want to pay.

Step 6

Review your payment confirmation page. If you need to make a change, simply tap the Back button. Otherwise, tap the Confirm button.

Step 7

Once your payment is processed, you can choose whether to print a receipt.

FAQs for ATM bill payment

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