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Deposit Money

ATM Deposit Money

Depositing cheques and cash at a BMO ATM is easier than ever and envelope-free.

How to make a deposit at a BMO ATM

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Welcome make deposit

Begin Your Deposit

To make a deposit, select the “Deposit” shortcut from the Welcome screen, or select “Other Banking” from the main menu

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Select account

Select An Account

Select the account you want to deposit your funds into.

If you want to see the balances of these accounts, select “Show balances” and then select account

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Envelope free deposit

Make a Deposit

You no longer need an envelope to make a deposit!

Just follow the onscreen instructions, which will guide you through inserting the cheques and cash together in a single stack through the feeder slot.

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Processing deposit

Make a Deposit

The ATM will count your cash and cheques and process your deposit. It will provide you with an itemized summary and total amount of the deposit.

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Cheques and bills

Confirm Your Deposit

On the deposit summary screen you will see all the deposited items counted by the ATM. If you’ve deposited more than six cheques, use the next and back buttons to scroll through the screens to view them all. If the ATM can’t count an item, it will return it to you.

If you need to make a correction to any of the cheque amounts, tap the “Edit” option of that cheque to make the change.

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Edit cheque amount

Correct a Cheque Amount

You can correct the amount of the cheque in the edit screen. Simply tap the Edit cheque amount field, then use the PIN pad to type the corrected amount. If you’ve deposited the wrong cheque, tap the “Return cheque” button to mark the cheque for return. It will be ejected from the ATM. If you’ve selected the wrong cheque to edit, select the “Back” button to see your summary screen.

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Deposit complete

Deposit Complete

From this screen, you can select “show balances,” and the new balance of your account after the deposit will be displayed on the screen.

At this point, you also have the option to make another deposit, go back to the main menu to select a different transaction, or take your card to finish your ATM transaction.

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Set reciept options

Set Your Receipt Option

Now you can choose to receive a receipt for your deposit. Deposit receipts will show the image of the cheques that were deposited. While your receipt is being generated, your card will eject from the machine.

FAQs for ATM deposit money

  • Can I deposit money at a non-BMO ATM?
    No, you can only deposit money to your BMO accounts at a BMO ATM.
  • I deposited a cheque but there’s a hold on it. Why?
    When you make a deposit at an ATM or branch, that money can be held up to eight business days (not including the day of the transaction) depending on the amount and how you made the deposit. And if a foreign currency cheque has been deposited, the funds may be held up to 30 business days.
  • How do I get access to the full amount of the cheque when I make a deposit?
    When you deposit a cheque at an ATM or branch, $100 of the cheque amount may be available to you immediately. The rest of the funds will be available after the hold has expired, usually between four to eight business days. The hold period is determined by a variety of factors. After you deposit your cheque, you can go online to see how much of the funds are available to you.

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