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Corporate Cards

Manage your company’s expenses with a Corporate Card tailored to your specific needs.

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Commercial Card

Great for businesses that want to combine convenience, flexibility and functionality into a single card.

Account benefits

  • Turn business expenses into great rewards
  • Choose between Canadian and U.S. currency cards
  • Mitigate risks with included protection
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One Card

Great for companies that want to combine convenience, flexibility and functionality into one card.

Account benefits

  • Consolidate purchasing, travel and fleet spend into one program 
  • Flexible billing and payment options to effectively manage your company’s expenses 
  • Includes comprehensive travel insurance and assistance benefits

Travel and Entertainment Card

Great for companies that accrue travel and entertainment expenses when travelling for business with your Corporate Card.

Account benefits

  • Employee card usage can be tailored based on your company’s needs and expense policy
  • Comprehensive travel insurances included
  • Centralize spend such as travel, events, and large meetings with a Corporate Travel Account

Fleet Card

Great for companies that manage drivers or a fleet of vehicles and want customized reports on vehicle expenses and fuel costs. 

Account benefits

  • Issue cards to individual vehicles or drivers 
  • Select specific vehicle and driver prompts 
  • Customizing spend controls and reporting designed for your company's unique and specific fleet or transportation needs and fuel expenses

Corporate Travel Accounttrademark – Powered by Conferma

Great for booking travel with your travel management company and seamlessly paying for it using virtual cards.

Account benefits

  • Generate virtual card numbers at the same time as bookings
  • Unique number issued for each travel expense gaining visibility over payments with clean, consistent data in one place 
  • Match bookings with payments with the integrated reconciliation tool 


Great for companies who want to integrate their payables to provide automation, process efficiency and digitization.

Account benefits

  • Increased process efficiency, client automation, approvals, reconciliation reports and more 
  • Flexible and automated file transfer options  
  • Single file for multiple payment methods

Payment Controllertrademark

Great for companies who want to manage invoices using a web-based application that provides a convenient and secure way to generate ad-hoc virtual card numbers.

Account benefits

  • Securely generate virtual card numbers for specific transactions or purpose 
  • Assign additional spend controls to virtual cards 
  • Ability to assign up to 29 custom data fields to capture relevant data for each Virtual Card Number

Corporate Card benefits

Banking with BMO goes beyond just having an account with us. Explore the benefits that comes with owning a Corporate Card with BMO.

Bring your BMO Mastercard with you everywhere you go

Use your BMO Mastercard at over 110 million locations worldwide, including 2 million ATMs. That means you’ll never have to worry about finding a Mastercard merchant or an ATM nearby.

Simply tap your card while on the go

Simply Tap & Go anywhere with your BMO Corporate Card that uses contactless technology that allows you to pay for eligible purchases without inserting your card or having to enter a Personal Identification Number.

Gather insights and create reports with easy-to-use tools

BMO Spend Dynamics offers a user-friendly online tool designed to help you manage your Corporate Card program more easily. Get visibility and control over your company’s spend, in addition, its comprehensive reporting helps improve business decisions, optimize spend policies.

Protect yourself against potential risks

Ensure your corporation is protected from unauthorized and non-business expenses, mitigate risk, and protect against employee misuse.

Issue virtual cards with Extend for BMO

Use Extend for BMO to securely create virtual cards with your Corporate Card. Providing individual employees with their very own card.

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