Issue virtual card numbers with Payment Controller

  • Benefit from a convenient and secure method to generate ad-hoc virtual card numbers for purchase requests either for a specific payment or use
  • Flexibility to execute on electronic payments strategy






A payment option offering greater security and convenience

  • Web-based application with no system integration required
  • Enables organizations to securely generate virtual card numbers for purchase requests, for either one-time use or a specified number of uses, with the added security for one-off non-strategic suppliers or employees who don�t qualify for their own card
  • Ability to assign additional controls such as validity period, geography, transaction limit and exact amount range
  • Each virtual card number can be assigned up to 29 custom data fields, which are reportable within the web-based application






  • No special technology or software required
  • Flexibility to issue on demand and submit batch requests, if required
  • Additional spend controls compared to a traditional corporate card
  • Peace of mind and additional security
  • Reduced risk of fraud � no need to share their real card number (RCN) with the merchant/supplier
  • Improve tracking and reconciliation through one-to-one mapping of transactions



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