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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

We have extended our technology capabilities to reshape procurement practices at B M O. B M O SmartProcure (powered by Coupa) is a tool that connects our suppliers to self-servicing capabilities that makes doing business with us easy and flexible.

Suppliers who have been on-boarded to B M O SmartProcure through the Coupa Supplier Network can view the status of Invoices and Payments online. Click button below to launch the Coupa Supplier Network.

Launch Coupa Supplier Network

If you are an existing supplier but have not been on-boarded to B M O SmartProcure, please contact your B M O Supplier manager to get started.

Becoming a supplier with B M O

The process B M O uses to onboard and manage its suppliers ensures that our supplier network strengthens our business and allows us to meet our corporate objectives. Our approved suppliers or partners are required to meet criteria that include corporate risk area assessments, regulatory body requirements (anti money laundering, etc.), financial health assessments and more. These criteria are revisited on a regular basis and suppliers are expected to take part in our performance management program. We also run Supplier Diversity and Supplier Innovation programs to ensure that our supply chain meets our high standards for quality and provides the greatest possible benefit to the bank. Typically, our Sourcing Teams are responsible for identifying new suppliers – though on occasion new suppliers are introduced to Sourcing through a business sponsor.

B M O leverages Coupa for all sourcing engagements and potential suppliers can register on the Coupa Supplier Network to be considered for future events at the link here: Coupa Supplier Network.

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

At B M O, diversity is one of our core values and it is these values that enable us to deliver on our vision of being the bank that defines great customer experience. Supplier diversity is a key component of our overall diversity strategy and integrating diverse suppliers into our supply chain aligns us with the goals of our shareholders, customers and employees. We are committed to building long-term relationships with diverse suppliers and ensuring that qualified minority, women, veteran, persons with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Aboriginal-owned businesses have equal opportunity to compete for our business. We work directly with these diverse businesses and we expect our suppliers to provide similar opportunities in their supply bases.

Our program is embedded within our procurement practices allowing us to deliver leading products and services that meet our customers’ needs – making us a stronger and more innovative company. Much like any supplier we work with, we expect our diverse suppliers to perform at a high level and also to add a diverse perspective to B M O. By using diverse suppliers, we are able to fulfill our commitment to the communities where we live, work and do business.

Andrew Cieslak

Chief Procurement Office

In order to participate in B M O Financial Group's supplier diversity program, suppliers must be certified as one or more of the following groups:

United States:
  1. MBE – Minority Business Enterprise
  2. WBE – Women Business Enterprise
  3. LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender
  4. DOBE – Business Enterprise Owned by People with Disabilities
  5. VBE – Veteran-owned Business Enterprise
  6. DVBE – Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
  1. ABE – Aboriginal Business Enterprise
  2. VMBE – Visible Minority Business Enterprise
  3. WBE – Women Business Enterprise
  4. LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender

Register as a Diverse Supplier

Suppliers with products and services that are suitable for B M O Financial Group are asked to complete a supplier profile for consideration on current and future projects.

B M O Financial Group accepts certifications from any one of the following organizations – see certifying organizations.

Maximizing Opportunities and Reporting Spend with Diverse Suppliers

B M O Financial Group manages and tracks spend under our Tier I and Tier II programs:

Tier I - A supplier in which we pay directly through invoicing. A Tier I supplier can be Diverse or non-Diverse.

Tier II Direct - A supplier that is Diverse that provides services to one of B M O Financial Group's Tier I suppliers as a subcontractor.

Tier II Indirect - A Tier I non-diverse suppler to B M O reporting their Diverse spend outside of direct spend with B M O.

Both the Tier I and Tier II programs exist to maximize opportunities for diverse businesses to participate as suppliers of products and services to B M O Financial Group. B M O Financial Group supports the advancement of diverse suppliers through our Sourcing methodologies to help grow our relationships and spend with diverse suppliers.

To ensure diverse suppliers are being considered for opportunities to do business with B M O Financial Group, the Supplier Diversity Office is engaged in competitive event opportunities across the bank.

We encourage suppliers to register and maintain their certifications on our website to allow us to connect with you should we identify opportunities. NOTE: completing a profile does not guarantee that your company will receive a request to bid or a contract, or that your company has any type of procurement relationship with the bank.

Supplier Resources & Governance

B M O SmartProcure

B M O SmartProcure is the latest addition to B M O’s procurement suite. This leading edge Procurement platform provides our Suppliers with a variety of self servicing capabilities in an intuitive and user friendly manner. Suppliers can access B M O SmartProcure here to find additional information.

SEMS Information

The SEMS tool has been designed to support the effective management of supplier relationships for both our suppliers and B M O. If you are an existing Supplier or have been identified as a Candidate Supplier, SEMS will facilitate the required interactions between organizations throughout the relationship’s lifecycle. SEMS allows our suppliers to submit required information in a confidential and straightforward way allowing our Supplier Managers to track and perform any assessments within this tool.

Corporate Support Areas (CSA) are responsible for defining and monitoring adherence to the governance framework for particular operational sub-risks.

About the B M O Supplier Code of Conduct

B M O Financial Group’s (B M O) success and reputation is built on trust we’ve earned from the people we work with and the customers we serve. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets. It is maintained by everyone associated with our company and we have a responsibility to always do the right thing. We are sensitive to the impact our business decisions have on our stakeholders and the communities where we do business. This commitment to ethical conduct is the foundation of our stakeholders’ trust in us and is integral to our Purpose – Boldly Grow the Good in business and life.

B M O’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles B M O expects our suppliers to support - our standards for integrity, fair dealing and sustainability.

B M O expects its suppliers be aware of, understand, and respect the principles of the Supplier Code.