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Payment Controllertrademark

Create and issue ad-hoc virtual card numbers for specific purchase requests.

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Payment Controllertrademark

Best for

Issuing virtual cards to your organization, delivering increased payment security, efficiency and enhanced reconciliation capabilities.

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Web-based platform

Flexibility to execute an electronic payments strategy.

Up to 29 custom data fields, which are reportable

Increased payment security

Here are some features of Payment Controller

Features include:

  • Provides organizations a convenient and secure way to generate ad-hoc virtual card numbers for specific purchase. 
  • Securely generate virtual card numbers for purchase requests, for either one-time use or a specified number of uses. 
  • Increased security for one-off non-strategic suppliers or employees who don’t qualify for their own card. 
  • Assign additional spend controls such as validity period, geography, transaction limit and exact amount range. 
  • Each virtual card number can be assigned up to 29 custom data fields, which are reportable within the web-based application. 

Corporate Card benefits

Banking with BMO goes beyond just having an account with us. Explore the benefits that comes with owning a Corporate Card with BMO.

  • Mitigate risks while managing expenses

    • BMO Spend Dynamics offers a user-friendly online tool designed to help you manage your Corporate Card program more easily. Get visibility and control over your company’s spend, in addition, its comprehensive reporting helps improve business decisions, optimize spend policies.
    • Ensure your corporation is protected from unauthorized and non-business expenses, mitigate risk, and protect against employee misuse.

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