DIY investing with support

adviceDirect is a one-of-a-kind investing platform that combines DIY investing with personalized recommendations and support.

You’re in charge of buying and selling, but our technology monitors your portfolio and provides personalized recommendations to keep you balanced. Plus if you ever need to talk to a human, our registered advisors are standing by.

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Why choose adviceDirect?

How adviceDirect works

adviceDirect investing compass
  1. Action Required – Asset Allocation
  2. Action Required – Rating
  3. Aligned – Risk
  4. Aligned – Diversification

How adviceDirect works

adviceDirect monitors your portfolio to ensure that your holdings match your investor profile. Whenever your attention is needed you’re notified immediately and your compass turns from green to red.

Then, to get back on track, you’ll receive actionable advice based on research from respected third party providers Morningstar and MarketGrader.

What it costs


Minimum balance


for all assets between $100,000 and $500,000

Including trades and advisory fees

Free trades

Up to 185 free trades per year

when you invest $1 million or more

No hidden fees here. You could save up to 60% or more on fees with adviceDirect compared to traditional investing (based on a 2.25% advisory fee or MER).* Fees start at $750 and are capped at $3,750 – so the more assets you have above $500,000, the more you save.

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*The actual cost of traditional investing may differ from this estimate.