Best Doctors®


Best Doctors helps you take control of your health, whether you’re dealing with a medical challenge or need information to help you make the right decisions about your health care. Through their various services, Best Doctors complements the care that you receive from your own physician.
Best Doctors provides expert medical advice so that you can make the best possible medical decisions. This benefit is included in the Life Recovery Plus plan and you don’t need to make a claim to use it.


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Helping Hands®


Helping Hands is a resource that you can turn to when life gets challenging. Registered nurses are on call day and night to answer your medical questions. You can also get guidance to social and community services in your neighbourhood and access to professional counselling to help you deal with life’s ups and downs.
This service is included in the EasyOne Life plan at no extra cost and you don’t need to make a claim to take advantage of it.


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