Consolidate business spending with a One Card



One Card
  • Consolidate purchasing, travel and fleet spend in a convenient One Card solution
  • Save money by having a single program to administer and maintain
  • Make it convenient for employees who can use a single card to pay for multiple types of business expenses
  • Manage your card program with a robust online reporting and management tool






An integrated solution combining convenience, flexibility and functionality into a single card.


Comprehensive data capture:


  • Travel: Capture of airline itinerary, airline ticket number, travel agent name, airline class of service, passenger name and hotel folio data
  • Purchasing: Suppliers with upgraded systems are able to provide incremental data, including sales tax amount, tax ID number and in many cases, the full line-item detail
  • Fleet: Fuel vendors utilizing enhanced data such as type of fuel purchased, quantity of fuel, unit price and actual sales tax paid
  • Payment flexibility: The organization can make one payment for the outstanding balance using the central billing method or allow employees to make individual payments (see Statements and Billing Options below)



  • Declining Balance option is available to facilitate and control employee spending for a particular project, or to assist departments or employees with a fixed budget on a specific corporate spend initiative. This functionality ‎depletes credit availability as purchases are made and the available credit does not replenish when payments are applied
  • Department Cards issued in the name of a department, are cardless accounts which help centralize spend
  • Digital payments: Make purchases with your smartphone using Apple Pay®, opens in a new window, Google Pay, opens in a new window.



Statement and Billing Options


Manage company spending and reconciliation with flexible billing and payment options:


  • Corporate Billing/Corporate Payment: Organization receives a monthly invoice for all Cardholder activity from BMO and is responsible for payment
  • Individual Billing/Individual Payment: Cardholder receives a monthly statement from BMO and is responsible for payment. Or, Cardholder can submit an expense report and the company issues a payment to BMO for all authorized charges





  • Cost and time savings: a single program to administer and maintain
  • Employee convenience: a single card account to pay for multiple types of business expenses – travel, purchasing and fleet
  • Improved supplier negotiations: centralized data on all expenditures
  • Global acceptance: BMO Purchasing Card is accepted worldwide at Mastercard®* merchants and at millions of ATMs worldwide
  • Global 24/7 access for emergency (lost or stolen) card replacements
  • Ensure your corporation is protected from unauthorized and non-business expenses, mitigate risk and protect against employee misuse
  • Includes comprehensive travel insurance and assistance benefits to provide peace of mind when conducting business away from home


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