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Despite how careful we are, accidents can happen. Provide your loved ones with additional financial security by purchasing Accidental Death Benefit insurance. You're covered as soon as you enroll and your first premium is paid – until you turn 76.

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  • Fast and easy enrolment
  • Immediate worldwide coverage when you enroll and your first premium is paid
  • Covered until age 76 regardless of any changes in your health
Accidental Death Benefit chosen
Accidental Death Benefit chosen Common Carrier Benefit
(Double the amount of Accidental Death Benefit selected)
$50,000 $100,000
$100,000 $200,000
$200,000 $400,000
$250,000 $500,000

Key features

  • Your beneficiaries receive a tax-free cash benefit1 if your death is caused by an accidentAccident - means a sudden, unforeseen event happening by chance that occurs while this Policy is in force.2
  • Benefits automatically double if your death results from an accident to the common carrierCommon Carrier - means a public conveyance which is:
    (a) licensed to transport passengers for hire; and
    (b) provided and operated
    (i) for regular passenger service by land, water or air, and
    (ii) on a regular passenger route with a definite regular schedule of departures and arrivals
    between established and recognized points of departure and arrival; and
    (c) provided and operated under a Common Carrier license at the time of the Injury.
    while you are travelling as a fare-paying passenger3
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical exam to apply
  • Guaranteed coverage remains in force until your 76th birthday as long as you continue to pay your premiums4
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


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What's not covered

Your beneficiary(ies) will not receive benefits if you provide false, incorrect or incomplete information during the application process.

Your beneficiary(ies) will not receive benefits if death results from:

  • Suicide or a self-inflicted injuryInjury - means bodily Injury caused by an Accident, directly and independently of all other causes. It does not include any sickness, illness, disease, medical disorder or medical treatments. The Life Insured must sustain the Injury and the Accident must occur while your coverage is in force.
  • The use of drugs or the influence of alcohol
  • War or participation in active duty in the armed forces
  • Committing or attempting to commit a criminal offence
  • Air travel as pilot or crew member or if you are not a fare-paying passenger
  • Racing, scuba diving, sky diving, parachuting, rock or mountain climbing, hang gliding or bungee jumping
  • A workplace injury if you are a high steel construction worker, underground miner, oil rig worker, power line worker or logger

This information is only a summary. Actual terms, exclusions and limitations are explained in the policy.

Who qualifies

  • Canadian residents ages 18 to 65 can enroll for coverage up to age 76
  • Coverage is automatically guaranteed

How to buy

  • Apply over the phone or online
  • Pay premiums monthly or yearly by credit card or automatic withdrawal from your bank account

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Insurance issued by BMO Life Assurance Company

  1. Under current tax legislation. Any interest earned during the claims process may be taxable.
  2. Death must occur within one year of the date of the accident and before your 76th birthday.
  3. If you are travelling as a fare-paying passenger on a plane, train, bus or other form of Common Carrier transportation that is involved in the accident causing the death.
  4. Although we may change the premium for all or selected classes of policyholders, you will never be singled out for a premium increase.