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How can I qualify for the AIR MILES®† debit program?

You can earn reward miles on your lead account* when you have one of the following Bank Plans: AIR MILES, Premium, Employee and Platinum. Simply ask us to add your AIR MILES Collector Number if you have not already done so.

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I use two different accounts for my debit purchases. Will the debit purchases on both accounts be combined to calculate my reward miles?

Only debit purchases made from your lead account* in a qualifying Bank Plan will be eligible to earn AIR MILES reward miles. AIR MILES Plan customers earn at a rate of 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $30 spent for the AIR MILES Plan. Premium Plan customers are eligible to earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $40 spent.

If you are unsure which account is the lead account, review your BMO bank statement, visit your local branch or call 1-800-363-9992.

If your two accounts are in separate qualifying Banking Plans and each is the lead account in the Banking Plan you will earn reward miles on both accounts for your debit purchases.

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Why am I only going to earn one reward mile for every $30 spent on my debit card with the AIR MILES Plan (or $40 with the Premium Plan) when I earn one reward mile for each $15 purchase on my BMO AIR MILES World MasterCard?

Earning reward miles on your debit purchases is not meant to replace purchases you would have normally used your BMO AIR MILES World MasterCard for. In order to maximize the reward miles you can earn, we encourage you to continue using your MasterCard. For situations where you would not normally use your MasterCard or for purchases at merchants that do not accept credit cards, your debit card is available for you to use as an alternative so that you can get rewards for all purchases at no additional cost to you.

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As a senior, how can I collect AIR MILES reward miles?

The Premium Plan offers benefits and advantages over and above those of the no fee Senior Plan including, the ability to earn AIR MILES rewards on purchases made with your BMO Debit Card. As a Senior, you can choose the Premium Plan and pay a discounted monthly fee. Learn more.

If you love to collect AIR MILES reward miles another way to supplement your earnings is with the no fee BMO AIR MILES MasterCard. You'll earn AIR MILES at a faster rate of 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $20 spent.

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Do ATM withdrawals qualify for the 1/$30 or 1/$40 debit purchase reward?

No, only debit purchases qualify.

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Do I qualify for this program with my Discontinued banking Plan?

Discontinued Plans do not qualify to earn AIR MILES reward miles for debit purchases. You can earn reward miles only on your lead account* with one of the following Everyday Banking Plans: AIR MILES, Premium, Employee or Platinum Banking.

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How can I find out how many AIR MILES reward miles I earn through BMO?

Your Everyday Banking statement(s) will include an AIR MILES Summary for AIR MILES collectors. The AIR MILES Summary will display the amount of reward miles earned on debit purchases for the stated time period. The AIR MILES Summary will not include AIR MILES reward miles earned from bonus or promotional offers.

Your BMO AIR MILES MasterCard monthly statement will also display the number of AIR MILES reward miles earned in the same statement period.

All rewards, including promotional offers, can be viewed on your AIR MILES Collector Summary statement and/or through

If you have questions about the reward miles you have earned from BMO you can also visit your local branch or call 1-800-363-9992.

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Will I earn reward miles on debit card purchases from any merchant?

Yes. All the purchases you make using your debit card (to a maximum of $1,600) will contribute to your overall monthly spend, regardless of where you use it. It is not limited to purchases made at other AIR MILES Sponsors. Refer to question #1 above to see how you can qualify.

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How do debit returns at a merchant impact my monthly reward miles?

Your monthly reward miles are based on your total debit purchases less your total debit returns for the month. Refer to question #1 above to see how you can qualify.

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If I make a debit purchase at a merchant who is an AIR MILES Sponsor, will I receive reward miles on both my debit purchase through my Everyday Banking account and from the Sponsor?

Yes, if you present your AIR MILES Collector Card to the merchant at the time of purchase, you will qualify to earn reward miles from the Sponsor and your debit purchase will be part of your monthly total BMO debit spend that will qualify to earn rewards. Refer to question #1 above to see how you can qualify.

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How does the AIR MILES Reward Program compare to some of the offers from other banks?

The reward miles you earn from BMO are ongoing and the program applies to existing and new customers. You will continue to earn reward miles on a monthly basis and depending on the amount of purchases you make and other products you have, you can quickly surpass the value of the competitor offers. The other banks' reward offers are typically a one-time only offer for new customers, and there is no ongoing benefit to you. Depending on the program, there may also be set up requirements and conditions like pre-authorized debits or pre-authorized credits. In addition, with AIR MILES reward miles you have the benefit of redeeming your reward miles for more than 800 items, giving you the opportunity to redeem for something you really value.

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What can I redeem AIR MILES reward miles for?

There are over 800 products and services you can redeem your reward miles for. They range from travel to gift cards, to merchandise, leisure and entertainment items. For full details of all the reward options, AIR MILES Collectors can visit or call 1-888-AIR-MILES.

Sample Rewards:
  • Flights
  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders
  • iPods1,2
  • Nintendo DS1

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* The lead account in your BMO Everyday Banking Plan is the one designated from which Banking Plan fees and/or transaction fees are withdrawn.

1 Merchandise Rewards include all taxes, shipping and handling costs. All Rewards offered are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the AIR MILES Reward Program, are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Quantities may be limited and some restrictions may apply. No cancellations, exchanges or refunds for tickets, certificates or merchandise once booked or ordered. See for details. Manufacturers' warranties apply to merchandise Rewards. LoyaltyOne, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, express or implied.

2 iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a sponsor of, nor a partner in, this promotion.