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Safety & Security - BMO® Secured Credit Card

Use your card with confidence, knowing you're always protected.

Chip Technology

BMO® debit and credit cards are more secure than ever thanks to chip technology. Chip debit and credit cards contain an encrypted microchip that is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Your personal identification number (PIN) provides even more protection.
BMO, along with other members of the payments industry, has been leading the transition to chip card technology in Canada. To better secure your personal information and in-branch transactions, BMO has installed chip & PIN terminals in all of our branches.
Chip card technology has already been tested and implemented in over 92 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The transition to chip card technology represents an evolution of the electronic payment system. Chip technology is designed to take security to the next level by making a safe payment system even safer.
Canadian and U.S. stores and services will be equipped with terminals that process chip transactions over the next few years. All chip cards will continue to have a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. This means that you'll still be able to use your chip card at merchants who don't have chip terminals and in countries that have not yet adopted chip technology.

Mastercard®* SecureCode®*

Mastercard SecureCode offers an additional layer of security on your BMO Mastercard for all your online purchases. This enhanced level of security will verify your online purchases through a seamless process to ensure that your card is always protected. SecureCode works with your existing BMO Mastercard and requires no download or registration.

Identity Theft Assistance

IDefence®†# identity theft specialists will help you correct your financial information and restore your personal reputation. For 24/7 identity theft support, call IDefence®†# toll-free at 1-866-323-7187.

Zero Liability30

Have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from theft and fraudulent use of your card. If your card is used without your authorization, you will not be liable if:

  • You did not contribute to the unauthorized use
  • You used reasonable care to safeguard your card and PIN, and
  • You notify us by telephone within 24 hours if you learn of the loss, theft or misuse of your card or cheques, or after you suspected that someone else knows your PIN.

If you don't meet these criteria, you will be liable for all charges incurred in connection with the unauthorized use.

BMO Credit Card Balance Protection41

Learn more about Balance Protection
For more information on BMO Credit Card Balance Protection or call 1-844-840-8142 to apply for your coverage today.