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Transitioning from DirectLine® to the new Online Banking for Business website


  1. Please bookmark www21.bmo.com as the new URL for Online Banking for Business, and advise other users to do so as well.
  2. Your company may have firewall settings that prohibit employees from visiting unauthorized URLs. Please ensure the following URLs are included as trusted sites within your company's firewall going forward:
    1. www21.bmo.com
    2. www22.bmo.com
    3. www23.bmo.com
  3. Please ensure you have no user modifications or creations pending approval the business day before your transition date. For instance, if your transition falls on a Monday, no user modifications or creations should be pending approval on the Friday.
  4. Please share the following information with your colleagues who are DirectLine users so that they are aware of the transition process.

The following outlines the process to access the new Online Banking for Business website for the first time, as well as accessing it going forward.
Login to DirectLine Canada and enter your existing logon credentials and click OK.

Login to DirectLine

You will then receive a confirmation indicating your successful transition from DirectLine to the new Online Banking for Business website.

Transition to Online Banking for Business

Once you click Continue, you will be directed to the new login page for Online Banking for Business.

To confirm your identity on the new site you will be prompted to enter a new password on your initial login.

Enter your new password and click Continue (passwords are case sensitive).

Online Banking for Business Change Password

After logging in, you will land on the new Online Banking for Business homepage.

Online Banking for Business Home Page

Internet Tips and Security:

  1. To quickly access the Online Banking for Business website with the click of a button in the future, replace the DirectLine website address with the following website address for the Online Banking for Business platform as a bookmark on your internet browser. The website URL is: www21.bmo.com.
  2. Online Banking for Business Website

  3. To allow your internet browser to recognize the Online Banking for Business website as a secure site, add the new website address (www21.bmo.com) as a trusted site to avoid access from being denied due to your internet security settings.
  4. To help you navigate smoothly through the website, use the navigation buttons found within the Online Banking for Business website instead of the standard buttons you find on your internet browser navigation toolbar.