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BMO CreditView -The no-fee, instant way to get your credit score

A good credit score can help you save more whether it’s getting better interest rates on home loans or higher credit limits on accounts. We’ve teamed up with TransUnion® to give you BMO CreditView, where you can get no-fee, no-impact access to your credit score so you can start monitoring and learn steps to build your credit today.

learn how to check your score

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a three-digit number that reflects your ability to pay loans, bills, and other commitments on time. It also helps lenders make approval decisions on items such as rental properties or issuing a credit card or a loan.


*Based on the TransUnion® credit score range, 5/2023.

Want to check your credit score using BMO CreditView?

Watch this short demo to understand how BMO CreditView can:

  • Access your full credit report
  • Learn how certain financial decisions might impact your credit with TransUnion ScoreSimulator®
  • Learn how to build credit with credit building tips

And much more!

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A good credit score can help you…

Get your dream home

A high credit score can help strengthen your mortgage application. If you’re renting, property owners often look at your credit score to determine how reliable you are when paying bills. 

Choose the credit card you want

Having a high score may help you get approved for credit cards with higher limits, lower rates and better rewards.

What contributes to your credit score?

Here are some factors that affect your credit score:

Here are 4 ways to build your credit

  • 1. Pay all your bills on time

    By paying your amount owed on time and consistently, your credit score may steadily rise. An easy way to pay bills is by setting up automated payments, at your bank or directly with the biller, so you never miss a payment.




  • 2. Apply for different types of credit

    Getting a mortgage, applying for a line of credit or personal loan, if managed responsibly, may be individual opportunities that may allow your credit score to rise. 

  • 3. Check your credit report for any errors

    You should view your full credit report so that there are no errors. You can view your full credit report by using BMO CreditView.

  • 4. Pay credit card payments on time

    It's important that you make on-time payments on your credit card as this may have a positive impact on your credit score. 

How to check your credit score

Online banking

1. Sign in to BMO Digital Banking.

2. Click Quick Actions and then BMO CreditView on the top right.

3. BMO CreditView can also be accessed by clicking the Account Summary drop-down menu.

Mobile banking by app

1. Sign in to the BMO Digital Banking app.

2. Click Quick Actions and then BMO CreditView.

3. BMO CreditView can also be accessed by clicking the More menu and then BMO CreditView.

Access your credit score with BMO CreditView on the BMO Digital Banking appfootnote star star

Start banking anytime, anywhere and get access to helpful digital tools.

Check your score

Get a snapshot of your most up-to-date credit score.

Get your credit report

Access a detailed report of your borrowing activity in the United States, including active payments, payment history and any inquiries on your account.

Try the TransUnion ScoreSimulator®

Want to pay off a balance or get another credit card? Use the TransUnion ScoreSimulator® to see how your credit score may be affected.

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CreditView® FAQs

  • Your credit score plays a big part in your financial health and now you can get it quickly and for free. We’ve teamed up with TransUnion to give you access to CreditView®, where you can get your free credit score, plus find tips from TransUnion on how you can improve it.

    • Use it to improve your financial health. You can easily learn about the factors affecting your credit score and get tips on how to improve your score, so you have more control over your financial future.
    • Using CreditView® will not affect your credit score.
    • It’s free; if you’re signed up for BMO Digital Banking, you can access CreditView® any time you log in, at no cost.
    • Your credit score: TransUnion provides easy-to-understand explanations to clearly show your score and how you compare with other U.S. citizens. Plus, discover what’s affecting your score and how it’s changed over time.
    • TransUnion Score Simulator: Thinking of getting another credit card? Ready to pay off a balance? Find out how it could affect your credit score before you make any commitments.
    • Credit report: Get a detailed understanding of your borrowing history and activity, including a list of your active accounts, payment history and who’s made inquiries on your credit information.
    • Credit education: Increase your financial know-how and confidence with helpful info on credit, lending and more.
  • No, it will not impact your credit score.

  • Please note the “Next update available” date on the CreditView® dashboard. This date will show the next time your credit information will be updated.

  • If you have any questions about your credit benefits, need help accessing your report or passing identity verification, please contact TransUnion Customer Service at 1 8 5 5 9 4 6 5 7 5 5.

    If you have a dispute with a BMO account, please reach out to BMO at 1 8 8 8 3 4 0 2 2 6 5.

  • Please follow these steps to cancel your CreditView® service:

    • Log in to your BMO Digital Banking account.
    • Select the CreditView® icon.
    • Go to My Profile.
    • Select Manage Account.
    • You may cancel at any time.

Looking to build your credit?

Consider diversifying your credit types by applying for a line of credit. Get started today.

  • Establish credit history

    Credit Builder 

    The details:

    • We'll secure your loan with a Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    • Make timely payments to build a positive credit history
    • At the end of the term, you’ll get the amount you invested plus interest!

    Great for: Improving your credit score through monthly on-time payments.

    Learn more about Credit Builder.

  • Apply for a cashback credit card

    BMO Cash Back Credit Card*

    The details:

    • Get up to 5% cash back on eligible services*
    • Redeem your cashback at anytime for as little as $15

    Great for: Building your credit, if you make on-time payments, and getting rewarded for it!

    Learn more about BMO Cash Back Credit Card*.


  • Apply for a personal line of credit

    BMO Personal Line of Credit

    The details:

    • Simple application process to get your funds fast
    • Borrow up to $15,000
    • Once you’re approved you can use whatever amount within your limit, any time you need

    Great for: Building your credit, if you make your minimum monthly payments on time.

    Learn more about BMO Personal Line of Credit.


What is a credit score and how can you improve it?

Your credit score can seem like a mystery. We’ll help you understand how it works.

How to apply for a loan: Your complete guide

We’ll help explain the loan application process, so you’ll know what to expect.

How to consolidate your debt with a HELOC

A home equity line of credit may help you put all your debt in one place and pay it off.

Ready to get started?

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