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Free Chequing & Savings Account40


  • Free banking40 while you're a student and for up to one year after you graduate
  • FREE BMO Extra Deals when you download the SPC App and register your BMO SPC Card.
  • Free SPC Card
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Student Line of Credit


  • Low interest payments
    Use it to pay tuition, books, rent, meal plans – anything you need.
  • Get low, competitive interest rate while you are in school


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BMO Extra Deals


  • Download the SPC App and register your BMO SPC card to get exclusive student offers weekly.



BMO® SPC CashBack® Mastercard®*


  • Welcome offer: Get 4% cash back in your first 4 months††
  • No annual fee
  • Built in SPC discounts
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BMO® SPC AIR MILES® Mastercard®*


  • Limited time: Get 500 AIR MILES Bonus Miles*
  • Plus Get double the Miles on every purchase at participating AIR MILES Partners†††
  • No annual fee
  • Built in SPC discounts
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Terms & Conditions


†* Bonus Miles offer is limited to new BMO AIR MILES Mastercard accounts and will be applied to your AIR MILES Collector Account within forty-five (45) days of your first card purchase. This Bonus offer is subject to the AIR MILES Reward Program Terms and Conditions. Applications must be received between June 10, 2016 and October 31, 2018 (“Offer Period”). Limit of one (1) Bonus offer per Collector Account. All Bonus Miles will be credited in accordance with the set balance preference (between AIR MILES Cash and AIR MILES Dream balances) at the time of posting. Existing BMO AIR MILES Mastercard customers who cancel their card during the Offer Period and existing BMO Mastercard customers who transfer into this product during the Offer Period are not eligible. Your credit card account must be in good standing at the time the reward miles are awarded. Reward miles will be credited to the primary cardholder's Collector Account within two (2) business days of your statement date. If you cancel your card within thirty (30) days from the date your account is opened, all Miles earned within that period will be cancelled. This offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

†† BMO CashBack Mastercard applications must be received between November 1, 2017, and October 31, 2018. You will earn 4% cash back for every dollar spent or $4.00 back for every $100.00 spent (less refunds and excluding cash advances, cash-like transactions, interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments) in the first four (4) billing cycles from the account open date up to a maximum of $3,125 ($125 cash back) in eligible card purchases. After the first four (4) billing cycles or $3,125 in card purchases (whichever comes first), you will earn 1% cash back or $1.00 back for every $100.00 on all card purchases. The 4% cash back offer is limited to new BMO CashBack Mastercard accounts and will not be awarded to current or former cardholders who reinstate a closed account, product transfer, or who open a new account between November 1,2017 and October 31, 2018. Limit of one bonus offer per account. If you cancel your card within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date your account is opened, all CashBack rewards earned within that period will be cancelled. This offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

††† A list of participating AIR MILES Partners can be found at This offer is not transferable and is valid only for the BMO SPC AIR MILES Mastercard cardholder. Offer may be changed without notice. AIR MILES Reward Miles will be earned at a rate of 2 Miles (1 Bonus Mile plus 1 Reward Mile) for every $20 spent at participating AIR MILES Partners. Miles will be calculated on the total eligible cumulative purchases made at all participating AIR MILES Partners during the period May 16, 2018 to April 30, 2019. The number of Miles earned will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Fractions of Miles will not be awarded. Eligible purchases are purchases charged to your credit card account (less refunds and excluding cash advances, cash-like transactions, interest charges, fees and credit or debit adjustments). For example, if your total eligible purchases made at participating AIR MILES Partners totaled $248, then 24 Miles would be awarded according to the following calculation: $248 divided by $20 equals 12.4 times 2 equals 24.8 Miles.




Student Budget Tools and Advice


It’s never too early or too late to plan for your financial future.


Student Budget Calculator

Free tool to help you figure out your budget for the school year.


Get exclusive deals

Access to concerts, movies premiers, sports and more with BMO Extra Deals!



BMO Manage My Finances

Get insights to help you make better choices.



Student Budget Calculator

Free tool to help you figure out your budget for the school year.



Get exclusive deals

Access to concerts, movies premiers, sports and more with BMO Extra Deals!



Your Financial life


Get tips, tools and resources to help you navigate your finances.


Shop with SPC and BMO


10% to 15% discounts at 120+ retailers gives you access to
all the brands you love.


SPC BMO cards have exclusive offers, no fees and SPC
savings built right in.


Explore SPC offers



University & College Affinity Cards


As a college or university student, you’re looking for the best student credit card for your needs. A BMO SPC University/College Credit Card offers value, convenience and cash back or rewards on all your purchases. And it helps you support your school.


Every time you use this BMO credit card you support faculty alumni benefits, services and events and contribute to local and international student programs Whether you’re considering getting a certificate, diploma or degree, a first-year, or going to be a graduate soon, it’s never too early or late to give back to yourself by earning rewards. Rewards can add up quickly from buying textbooks at your campus bookstore to getting groceries if you’re not on a cafeteria  meal plan.  To help manage your student budget, you can also keep track of your spending with a detailed credit card statement. Even if you’re in classes, residence dorm, student centre or on the go, you can view it easily online or on your mobile device.





What is SPC?

SPC is Canada’s exclusive loyalty card that provides students with discounts and deals at thousands of stores and restaurants across Canada.

How do I get discounts With My BMO SPC Mastercard?

Get discounts from SPC Card retailers and restaurants when you pay with your BMO SPC MasterCard. When paying with your BMO SPC MasterCard you must notify the cashier BEFORE paying that you qualify for your discount. Please ensure that your discount has been applied at the point of sale. At places that do not accept MasterCard, you only need to show your BMO SPC MasterCard for the discount and then pay with cash or debit.

What kind of SPC card discounts can I get?

Savings on fashion, dining, sporting, beauty, lifestyle and more. Show your SPC Card at thousands of participating locations to receive instant discounts every time you shop. Offers vary but the most common are 10% to 15% off*. Download our new mobile app to find all SPC locations, discounts, deals and offers.

The card is accepted at thousands of locations across Canada. Plus, there are hundreds of local stores in your area offering you additional savings.

How do I get free student banking?

It’s easy to get FREE1 student banking when you bank with BMO. You can save some serious cash – more than $130 a year on Plan fees2!

To enjoy FREE1 banking for the length of your school program3, just pop into your closest branch before the December 244 deadline and update your student status. If you don’t update your status, regular Plan fees will apply starting January. Confirm that you’re enrolled full-time in an academic program5 and your expected graduation date, and your student status will be valid for the length of your program.

And if you’re a recent grad you can still get free1 banking for an additional year! All you have to do is drop by a branch and confirm that you’ve graduated.




1. Students are eligible to receive the Plus Plan for no monthly fees or the Performance or Premium Plan at a discounted monthly fee. You are responsible for all fees relating to any transactions, services, and products not included in your Bank Plan.
2. You are required to validate your status by providing proof of eligibility by December 24, of the current year otherwise the full monthly Plan fee will be applied starting January the following year. Plan fees paid prior to confirming eligibility may not be refunded. If a student has not validated their status by the December 24th deadline, regular account fees will apply starting January of the next calendar year.
3. Up to a maximum of 4 years. If you are enrolled in a program which is longer than 4 years, you must update your enrollment status after the 4th year to maintain eligibility.
4. Proof of full-time registration in a post secondary-university, college, or private vocational school required. 
5.  Savings of $131.40 per year equals a savings of $10.95 per month in Plan fees over 12 months, for Students or Recent Graduates in the Plus, Performance or Premium Plan.