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Affinity Cards
Acadia University
BMO Acadia University MasterCard
BMO Acadia University Student Mastercard 

Alumni UBC
BMO alumni UBC MasterCard
BMO alumni UBC Student Mastercard

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
BMO BCIT MasterCard
BMO BCIT Student Mastercard

Golden Key International Honour Society
BMO Golden Key MasterCard

BMO Golden Key Student Mastercard

McGill University
BMO McGill MasterCard
BMO McGill University Student Mastercard

McMaster University
BMO McMaster Alumni Association Mastercard

BMO McMaster Student Mastercard

Mohawk College
BMO Mohawk College Alumni MasterCard
BMO Mohawk College Student Mastercard

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
BMO NAIT MasterCard
BMO NAIT Student Mastercard 

Simon Fraser University
BMO Alumni Association of Simon Fraser University MasterCard
BMO SFU Alumni Association Student Mastercard

St. Francis Xavier University
BMO St. Francis Xavier University MasterCard
BMO St. Francis Xavier Student Mastercard

University of the Fraser Valley
BMO University of the Fraser Valley MasterCard
BMO University of the Fraser Student Mastercard 

University of Manitoba
BMO University of Manitoba Alumni Association Mastercard
BMO University of Manitoba Student Mastercard

University of Regina
BMO University of Regina Alumni Association MasterCard
BMO University of Regina Student Mastercard 

University of Saskatchewan
BMO University of Saskatchewan MasterCard
BMO University of Saskatchewan Student Mastercard

University of Waterloo
BMO University of Waterloo MasterCard
BMO University of Waterloo Student Mastercard

University of Winnipeg
BMO University of Winnipeg MasterCard
BMO University of Winnipeg Student Mastercard

Wilfrid Laurier University
BMO Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association MasterCard
BMO Wilfrid Laurier Alumni Association Student Mastercard