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      Find ways to achieve financial wellness

      This free online tool will locate resources that can help you cut costs and get your finances on track.

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      Discover resources that can help you achieve financial stability.

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      We’ve partnered with SpringFourFootnote 1, an independent company that researches and verifies non-profit and government organizations that can help you get in better financial shape. Just enter your zip code and what you’re looking for, and they’ll find trusted resources that can help you:

      • Find a job
      • Get financial guidance
      • Pay less for utilities like heat, electricity, gas and water
      • Save money on childcare, home repair, prescriptions and more
      • Reduce your expenses by as much as $250Footnote 2 a month

      Get started with our financial resource finder tool, opens in new popup

      Frequently Asked Questions

      SpringFour is a free online tool that matches users to financial health resources in their community that are continuously verified and vetted.

      Just type in your zip code and the SpringFour tool will provide instant, personalized results that can help you save money and improve your financial situation.

      SpringFour currently offers information on more than 13,000 social service, government, and community-based organizations that have been carefully evaluated and approved. These organizations provide assistance in up to 25 different areas, such as employment, high utility expenses, food and prescription drug costs.

      No! Referral information is free, and BMO doesn’t charge or receive compensation for the referrals. In limited cases, the listed agencies may charge processing fees.

      If there are no resources found within 35 miles of your ZIP code, the tool will find state or national resources that may be able to provide the kind of assistance you’re looking for.

      Get started with our financial resource finder tool, opens in a new popup

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      • Footnote 1 details. SpringFour is not an affiliate or agent of BMO Bank. BMO Bank makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees about the information provided by SpringFour or the results of any referrals.
      • Footnote 2 details. Reduction of costs by as much as $250 per month based on survey responses provided to SpringFour. Your individual results may vary.