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Find all your accounts in one place with BMO Total Look

Manage all your BMO and non-BMO financial information – from bank accounts to credit cards, mortgages to loans, and investments – all in one secure location.

We’ve made online banking as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Manage your account balances and history

With BMO Total Look, you can check both BMO and non-BMO account balances and transaction history, and track your net worth all in one spot. When you access BMO Total Look, all your BMO accounts will be automatically added to your Total Look profile. To learn more about adding external accounts to your BMO Total Look profile, check out our demo or explore the BMO Digital Banking Agreement.

2. Personalize a budget

Keep track of your spending with BMO Total Look’s expense analysis and set a monthly budget to help you reach your financial goals faster. For help creating a budget in BMO Total Look, check out our demo.

3. Create financial goals

Whether it’s a vacation, retirement or a new car, BMO Total Look can help you set manageable savings goals. Choose details such as your goal amount, current savings, target end date and more. For help creating a new financial goal in BMO Total Look, check out our demo.

How to access BMO Total Look

Online banking

1. Sign in to BMO Digital Banking.

2. Select Total Look under Quick Actions.

3. Select Accounts to begin adding external accounts. BMO accounts are automatically pulled into your dashboard.

Mobile banking by app

1. Open the BMO Digital Banking app.

2. Tap the More menu.

3. Select Total Look under Account Summary.

4. Select Accounts to begin pulling in external accounts. BMO accounts are automatically pulled into the dashboard.

Access BMO Total Look on our BMO Digital Banking app

Start banking anytime, anywhere* and get access to helpful digital tools.

BMO Total Look frequently asked questions

  • BMO Total Look is a no-fee online money management tool that helps you save time and simplify your financial life. It gives you a clear idea of your financial picture, including checking and savings accounts, online investments, credit cards, mortgages, loans and more – even if they’re not with us – all in one secure** location, with one password.

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