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      One little chip. Big peace of mind.

      More protection with every purchase at chip-enabled terminals

      BMO Mastercard® credit and debit cards now come with something extra: advanced chip technology that helps prevent fraud at the point of purchase at chip-enabled terminals where your card never has to leave your sight. Chip cards contain an embedded microchip, which provides increased protection against fraud.

      Chip and BMOHarris Bank Debit Mastercard

      Our credit and debit cards include the great benefits you’ve come to expect. But now, they have an added layer of security.

      Easy to use.

      Your BMO Mastercard® credit and debit cards have chip and magnetic stripe technology. This means that, regardless of the type of terminal, you’ll be able to use your card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

      At chip-enabled terminals

      Simply insert your card chip-first and follow the prompts.

      At terminals without chip technology

      You can still swipe your card using the magnetic stripe.

      At ATMs

      Simply insert your card and follow the prompts.

      Accepted globally.

      Your new card comes with technology that is globally accepted, so you can travel with ease.

      Chip technology has been used globally for the past decade and helps reduce fraud worldwide. Continue to use your new card wherever Mastercard® is accepted and enjoy peace of mind while traveling domestically or internationally.

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