Bill payment and transfers right from your My Accounts page

Quick access to account transactions and requests

Access to My Messages

Personalized My Shortcuts

Quickly find answers in the
Help Centre

  • One click to get your account details and statement information
  • Quick access to transactions and requests in the left hand side menu
  • Complete transactions for tax payments, make bill payments, transfer funds, and download account details to your accounting software. Plus make requests quickly to stop a payment, trace a cheque, and inquire about service fees.

Make a payment, view your upcoming future-dated bill payments and cancel a payment from the same page

All payment and transfer related requests located on the left hand side

Initiate payroll source deductions and file corporate income tax, GST, PST, and HST payments directly with the Tax Payment & Filing service

epost – receive, view and manage your bills in one space

  • Access all your payment and transfer related requests here
  • Simple, fast and flexible way to file and pay government taxes
  • Receive, view and manage your bills in one place

eStatements – Fast, simple, secure way to get your statements, stay organized and save time

Mobile Banking - Check your account balances, view recent transactions, pay bills, transfer funds and more - all within a simple, secure mobile environment.

  • Update your business information
  • Manage your online and mobile banking preferences and settings
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If you’ve signed in with your BMO Debit Card for Business, you’ll land on the My Accounts page where you can view a complete list of your BMO accounts:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Loans

If you’ve signed in with your BMO MasterCard for Business, you’ll see your MasterCard information. By clicking on your account, you can view all of your MasterCard transactions, requests and more.

Transactions and requests

Access additional account transactions and requests by placing your mouse over the icon located beside the account name, or click on the account name on the left hand side, or on the account from the My Account Summary table.

Quick bill payment and transfer box

Pay bills or transfer funds directly from your My Accounts page or click on “Add Another Payment” link to pay up to five bills at once.

My Messages

From My Messages, you can easily send us a message, view important notices, BMO offers and epost mail. You can also see all the requests or messages you’ve sent to us.

My Shortcuts

Set up and edit your shortcuts for quick access to pages you use most often in Online Banking.

The My Accounts page provides you with a detailed and consolidated view of all of your accounts. When you click on a specific account from the My Account Summary page, you’ll be able to view your:

Chequing and Savings accounts

Get a detailed summary of your accounts including current balance, funds available, and view up to seven years of account statements online.

Credit Cards

See your account transactions, available credit, recent payment information and the type of reward program for your card. Additionally, you can view up to seven years of account statements online.

Line of Credit

View your Line of Credit information including the outstanding balance and access up to seven years of account statements online.

Helpful Tips
Look for the information icon which provides additional tips on completing transactions.

Find the services you need without having to look for them. Just click on any account listed on the
left hand side and you’ll see the range of transactions and services applicable to your account:

Chequing or Savings accounts

  • Make a payment
  • Make a transfer between BMO business accounts
  • View eStatements
  • Order cheques
  • Change statement options

Stop a payment

Trace a cheque

Download account details

Service Charge Inquiry

Credit Cards

  • Make a payment or transfer
  • View eStatements
  • Dispute a charge
  • Set up a balance transfer or
    pre-authorized payment
  • Request a statement copy
  • Download account details

Line of Credit

  • View eStatements
  • Download account details

Helpful Tips
You can also pay a bill, transfer money and complete additional transactions by going to the Payments & Transfers tab.


Important bill payment details at your fingertips

Pay your bills, cancel a payment you’ve made on the same day and view all your upcoming future dated bill payments in one place.

Simplified view of all your payments and transfers

Access a list of payment and transfer services from the menu located on the left hand side.

Helpful Tips

  • When managing your Payee list, use the Options dropdown menu to directly complete the bill payment without having to repeat steps. Information is also prefilled, so you don’t have to duplicate anything.

View and manage your payments and transfers in this section. You can:

  • Complete up to five bill payments at one time
  • Transfer funds between your BMO accounts
  • Cancel a payment
  • Investigate a bill payment
  • View and manage your future dated bill payments
  • Set up a recurring transfer
  • Cancel a recurring transfer
  • Manage your payee list, including setting
    up a nickname for each of your payees
  • View your payment history
  • View your session history

Helpful Tips

  • Cancel a payment directly from the My Payments & Transfers page without having to enter additional details
  • Payee is the term we've used to replace Biller, and refers to the company or organization you'd like to make a payment to

The Tax Payment & Filing service allows you to initiate payroll source deductions, corporate income tax,
GST, PST, and HST payments directly from your BMO Bank of Montreal business account.

With this simple, fast and flexible way to file and pay government taxes, you can make payments online
24/7, future-date payments up to a year in advance to avoid penalties and access up to 13 months of tax
payment history.

epost™ is Canada Post's free online bill delivery service that allows you to receive your bills electronically through
Online Banking.

You can view and pay the bills, set up and edit your epost
payee list, file bills for up to 7 years, and print the bills
you need.

To sign up for your free epost account and select from over
200 bills available, visit Online Banking or

eStatements - Fast. Simple. Secure.

eStatements are available for your Business Banking accounts, BMO MasterCard® for Business and Business Line of Credits. It’s the fast, simple, secure way to get your statements, stay organized, save time and help the environment.

  • Securely view and store a copy of your paper statement (including two-sided images of your Business Banking cheques) online. No more waiting for the mail.
  • Share copies of your eStatement to your accountant or book-keeper and store for audit purposes.
  • Access account statements beginning from June 2009 (cheque images available from April 2011). eStatements will be held on file for seven years.
  • Reduce your paper usage and help keep our communities green.

You can easily sign up for e-Statements by selecting Change Statement Options in the left hand menu.

Mobile Banking

Getting your business banking done has never been easier. Download our mobile app for iPhone®, BlackBerry® or Android™ smartphones and manage your cash flow – anytime, anywhere.

BMO® Mobile Banking lets you bank on the go, 24/7. Check your account balances, view recent transactions, pay bills, transfer funds, locate an ATM and more – all within a simple, secure environment.

See a detailed view of your contact information, manage and change your settings and preferences from the menu located on the left hand side under the My Profile & Preferences tab. You can:

  • View and change your contact information
  • Change your password
  • Change your security settings
  • Set up and edit your mobile preferences: Select and manage the accounts you’d like to view on your mobile phone and choose a nickname to easily identify your accounts through mobile banking

Helpful Tips
To edit your address information, just look for the blue button in the bottom right hand corner.

We’re here to help you find the answers you need. Get in touch with us by: