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Transparency with our fees

Fees don't have to be complicated. Here's a breakdown - so you know exactly what you'll be charged for your account and why.

You can start investing with a minimum of $1,000

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You pay:

Monthly Account Fees



Yearly Account Fees

All account fees are charged on a quarterly basis. See how SmartFolio portfolios perform

How fees are calculated

Account fees are calculated as a percentage based on how much you’ve invested.

What they cover

An account fee covers professional portfolio management (those experts monitoring and rebalancing your investments!) and support from a team of investment advisors should you have any questions or need any help.

What it doesn’t cover is commission on trades – that’s free!

A look at our fee schedule

Here’s what you can expect based the amount you invest.

Asset value

To benefit from lower pricing at higher asset balances, accounts can be grouped by household.

Annual Rate
First $100,0000.70%
Next $150,0000.60%
Next $250,0000.50%
Above $500,0000.40%

For example, if Paul invests $275,000, his total yearly fee would be $1,725.

Here’s the breakdown of how he’s charged:

  • First $100,000 at 0.7% = $700
  • Next $150,000 at 0.6% = $900
  • Next $25,000 at 0.5% = $125

The fine print

  • Fees are charged per account unless otherwise stated and are subject to change.
  • You’ll receive 60 days’ notice for any new or amended fee.

SmartFolio fees compared to traditional investing fees

Annual advisory (or account) fees based on a $60,000 investment

Based on a $60,000 investment, Smartfolio would cost $420 in fees and traditional investing would cost $1,350 in fees.
Traditional Investing
The cost of traditional investing is based on a 2.25% advisory fee or MER.

MER fees explained

SmartFolio accounts are made up of ETF portfolios, and all ETFs have management fees and expenses that are calculated as Management Expense Ratio (MER) in addition to the advisory fee. The MER is included within the pricing of the ETFs themselves and will not appear as an expense item on your account statement(s). The MER of the ETFs held within your portfolio will likely be a weighted average of 0.20% to 0.35% of the value of your SmartFolio account.

What else you may want to know

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