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BMO Insights - the easy way to manage your money

What are Insights? This free feature in the BMO Mobile Banking App gives you a quick, personalized picture of your day-to-day spending, so you can make better spending decisions. That’s what making real financial progress is all about. BMO Insights are one of the big reasons our mobile app was ranked #1 in Canada for digital money managementfootnote *.

Most popular insights

With more than 20 insights available, you can find out what your money is up to in seconds. Check out some of the most popular insights.

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Manage your money better with Insights

Save more

Get a heads up when you have enough money to put into savings (without affecting your budget).

Keep an eye on spending

See how much you spend each month and where. Plus, be notified of any changes in your habits.

Make sure there's enough money

Know ahead of time if your balance will cover your upcoming spending and if there's a payment coming up.

Help spot unusual activity

Be aware if a regular deposit hasn't arrived, or if there's a new or higher charge on your account.

Get started with Insights

Insights are automatically generated in your BMO Mobile Banking App – meaning they’re free and don’t require any registration. Just log into the app using your debit or credit card. You’ll get a notification message if you have new insights or scroll down the Home screen to preview your insights.

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BMO Mobile App #1 in Insider Intelligence 2022 Rankings

In 2022, BMO’s Mobile Banking App ranked first in Canada for digital money management, account management and alerts.

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Get better insight into your spending habits with BMO Insights and other digital features when you open a BMO bank account.

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Insights Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get started with Digital Banking

Spend less time banking with digital banking tools that fit into your routine.

Footnote * details BMO ranked #1 in Canada for digital money management, security and card controls, and mobile banking alerts in 2021 Insider Intelligence’s Canada Mobile Banking Emerging Feature Benchmark study.