RIF Payment Calculator
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This calculator can help you determine how much money you can receive from a Retirement Income Fund (RIF) and how long the income will last.
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2. Payment Options
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RIF Payment Calculator
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Your Results
RIF value
Total annual interest earned
Total of all gross RIF payments
Total withholding tax deducted
Total of all net RIF payments
Years your RIF will last
Last year RIF payment will be made
Last RIF payment will be made at
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Payments calculated for
RIF start date
RIF value
Estimated rate of return
Payment option
First payment date
Payments calculated using
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RIF Payment Schedule
* Minimum withdrawal percentages are subject to change.
** The maximum age for RIF analysis using this calculator is 100 years. Therefore, the calculator will assume you will be paid a lump sum of RIF balance when you reach 100 years old.
*** For a new plan calculation, if the 'First Payment Date' falls within the same year specified in the 'RIF Start Date', the required annual minimum payment is zero. Withholding tax will be applied to the whole RIF payment amount.

Important Information

  • These results are based on information you have provided, including the rate of return you have selected, and as such are for illustrative purposes only. The RIF Calculator is not intended to provide tax advice and should not be relied upon in this regard. The accuracy and applicability of these results to a particular case cannot be guaranteed. Individual circumstances will vary and an accountant or financial advisor should be consulted.
  • The required annual minimum payment is based on your age or your spouse's/common-law partner's age on January 1st, and is calculated as a percentage of your RIF value at the beginning of each year.
  • RIF payments are considered taxable income. Withholding tax will be applied to the portion of a RIF payment in excess of the required annual minimum payment for the year.
  • The final RIF payment will be made when the desired RIF annual payment is greater than or equal to the RIF balance plus interest.