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What are Alerts?


BMO InvestorLine's Alert service is a convenient tool that allows you to receive notifications on market information at any wireless device or email address you indicate. You can choose from thousands of stock symbols listed on North American markets to get volume, price and news alerts.


Edit Alert screen and market information displayed for BMO is presented for illustration purposes only.

How much do Alerts cost?


This is a free service for BMO InvestorLine clients. However, please be aware that your wireless service provider may charge you for receiving emails on your mobile device. Please consult your wireless carrier's customer agreement or contact them for details.

Are the stock quotes real-time or delayed?


The actual delivery of alerts to your device is dependent on the time it takes to travel over the Internet and/or wireless networks. This time may vary depending on the carrier or Internet service provider you use.

How can I receive stock and news alerts?


Once you have completed your Alerts set-up, you can receive alerts on any device that is capable of receiving emails. This includes email-enabled PCS (digital) cell phones, text pagers or personal digital assistants (PDA) and desktop computers. If you don't want alerts sent to a wireless device, you can have them sent to your regular email address.


To receive wireless alerts on your mobile phone, pager or PDA, you need to ensure that your device is capable of receiving email messages. Then, you need to have your wireless Internet or text messaging service activated by your wireless carrier. They will provide you with an email address for your mobile device.

Can this service replace my other sources of stock and news information?


No. The Alerts service is designed to be a convenient tool that enhances your overall investing strategy. Sign into your account to consult detailed market information available through our web site. BMO InvestorLine's Alerts service is provided by Reuters Limited. All quote information provided through our Alerts service is delayed by 20 minutes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information provided. The delivery of alerts can be disrupted at any time, and for any reason beyond our control.

Tax-Free Savings Account

How do I open a Tax-Free Savings Account?


Opening a TFSA at BMO InvestorLine is easy by applying online.

How do I make a contribution to my Tax-Free Savings Account?


There are several ways you can make a contribution to your TFSA.


  1. Use online or telephone banking
    Fund your TFSA as easily as you pay bills online. Simply use your Internet or telephone banking service to add BMO InvestorLine to your list of payees
  2. Contribute cash or in kind from a BMO InvestorLine cash or margin account
  3. Set up pre-authorized registered contributions
    Set a convenient payment schedule that suits your needs and benefit from dollar-cost averaging. Just complete the Pre-Authorized Tax-Free Savings Account Contribution Enrolment Form (51 KB - PDF).
  4. Transfer assets from other financial institutions
    Consolidate your investments with BMO InvestorLine and simply your investing activities. Begin by completing the Authorization to Transfer Account Form.
  5. Deposit security certificates into your account
    Send your certificates and the completed Power of Attorney to Transfer Stock or Bond (LF255) Form by priority post directly to BMO InvestorLine at:

    Attn: BMO InvestorLine
    Transit #3973
    First Canadian Place
    100 King St. W., Floor B1
    Toronto, Ontario

    M5X 1H3 Note: there will be a delivery charge for Priority Post.


Learn more about Tax-Free Savings Accounts.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

What is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?


BMO InvestorLine offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) for a selected number of stocks and trust units. This plan allows you to purchase additional shares or units automatically from the cash dividends paid on eligible securities without incurring commission costs. The BMO InvestorLine Dividend Reinvestment Plan is only available to residents of Canada.


BMO InvestorLine handles everything directly for you – from dividend collection to reinvestment and safekeeping. To get started on enrolling into your Dividend Reinvestment Plan, sign into your BMO InvestorLine account and navigate to the Holdings page.

What securities are eligible for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan?


Our Dividend Reinvestment Plan is available for a number of eligible securities. However, changes can be made without notice to this list. Please contact us to confirm a particular security’s eligibility through MyLink.

Can I enroll individual securities?


Currently, you can only enroll at the account level online for each of your BMO InvestorLine accounts. To enroll a specific security, a special request must be made by sending a message through MyLink. You can enroll any eligible security in your holdings in the Plan.

How do you credit my account?


The monetary value of your dividend will be converted to shares and credited to your account within two weeks of the dividend payment. In the event that cash from your dividend is not enough to purchase a full share(s)we will credit the cash dividend amount to your account.

Is there a cost to enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan?


There is no cost to enroll in the Plan.

What does dollar-cost averaging mean and does that affect me?


Typically, when you buy a particular fund or share, you end up buying high, low or even an in between cost for the share. Through a DRIP, the dollar-cost averaging refers to the market value for the fund averaging out over time as the average cost of all your purchases is multiplied by the number of units purchased. For instance, say John’s dividends are $1000 every quarter. The $1000 gets reinvested into his plan where shares are bought at a price of $25 and 40 shares are bought. Next quarter, the price goes down to $20 and 50 shares are bought. Overall, the average cost per share is $2000/90 shares = $22.22/share.


When you participate in a DRIP, dollar-cost averaging may lower your average purchase price over time.

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