Bill payment and transfers right from your My Accounts page

Quick access to account transactions and requests

Access to My Messages

Personalized My Shortcuts

Quickly find answers in the
Help Centre

  • One click to get your account details and statement information
  • Quick access to transactions and requests in the left hand side menu
  • Complete transactions and requests quickly and easily such as pay bills, transfer funds, change statement options, view eStatements and more.

Make a payment, view your upcoming future-dated bill payments and cancel a payment from the same page

All payment and transfer related requests located on the left hand side

Send an Interac e-Transfer, send a reminder email, view or cancel your pending e-Transfers in one place

  • Access all your payment and transfer related requests here
  • Send money to anyone with a Canadian bank account and email address
  • Receive, view and manage your bills in one place
  • Our free online tool allows you to
    track your day-to-day finances in one
    place, and quickly see where you
    stand with easy-to-read graphs.
  • Update your personal information
  • Manage your online and mobile banking preferences and settings
  • Find everything you need to know about chequing and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans and investments
  • Open a new account and access it immediately with our easy and secure online application
  • Apply online for a credit card or loan, or get pre-approved for a mortgage

Welcome to the BMO Online Banking tour. See how you can quickly and simply manage your
banking needs whenever you want and from wherever you are.

To learn more about the features and services available through Online Banking, simply click
on any button to get more information about that section.

100% Electronic Banking Guarantee for Personal Banking Customers

At BMO Bank of Montreal, we are committed to keeping your personal and banking information safe and secure. That is why we will reimburse you 100% for any losses to your Personal Banking accounts resulting from unauthorized transactions through Online Banking. To view full details of our electronic banking security guarantee and for more information on how BMO protects you when you bank online, please view our security guarantee.

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If you’ve signed in with your BMO Debit Card, you’ll land on the My Accounts page
where you can view a complete list of your BMO accounts:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Loans & Mortgages
  • Investments

If you’ve signed in with your BMO MasterCard, you’ll see your MasterCard information. By
clicking on your account, you can view all of your MasterCard transactions, requests and more

Transactions and requests

Access additional account transactions and requests by placing your mouse over the icon located beside the account name, or click on the account name on the left hand side, or on the account from the My Account Summary table.

Quick bill payment and transfer box

Pay bills or transfer funds directly from your My Accounts page or click on “Add Another Payment” link to pay up to five bills at once.

My Messages

From My Messages, you can easily send us a message, view important notices, BMO offers and epost mail. You can also see all the requests or messages you’ve sent to us.

Help Centre

Helps you with any questions you may have regarding your accounts, the services we offer, Online Banking and more.

My Shortcuts

Set up and edit your shortcuts for quick access to pages you use most often in Online Banking.

My Accounts page provides you with a detailed and consolidated view of all of your accounts. When you
click on a specific account from the My Account Summary page, you’ll be able to view your:

Chequing and Savings accounts

Get a detailed summary of your accounts including current balance, funds available, and view up to seven years of account statements online.

Credit Cards

See your account transactions, available credit, recent payment information and the type of reward program for your card. Additionally, you can view up to seven years of account statements online.

Line of Credit

View your Line of Credit information including the outstanding balance and access up to seven years of account statements online.


View your mortgage details including your annual mortgage summary, property tax account information and payment details.

Tax-Free Savings, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and Registered Disability Savings Plan

View investment details including your account transactions, investment mix and objectives.

Helpful Tips
Look for the information icon which provides additional tips on completing transactions.

Find the services you need without having to look for them. Just click on any account
listed on the left hand side and you’ll see the range of transactions and services
applicable to your account:

Chequing or Savings accounts

  • Make a payment
  • Make a transfer
  • View eStatements
  • Stop a payment
  • Order cheques
  • Order travellers cheques and
    foreign currency
  • Change statement options
  • Download account details

Credit Cards

  • Make a payment or transfer
  • View eStatements
  • Dispute a charge
  • Change credit limit
  • Set up a balance transfer
    or pre-authorized payment
  • Change statement options
  • Request a statement copy
  • Download account details

Line of Credit

  • Make a payment or transfer
  • View eStatements
  • Change statement options
  • Download account details

Mortgage accounts

  • Make a lump sum payment
  • Increase your mortgage payment
  • Skip a payment

Helpful Tips
You can also pay a bill, transfer money and complete additional transactions by going to the Payments & Transfers tab.

Important bill payment details at your fingertips

Pay your bills, cancel a payment you’ve made on the same day and view all your upcoming future dated bill payments in one place.

Simplified view of all your payments and transfers

Access a list of payment and transfer services from the menu located on the left hand side.

Easily Manage your
Interac e-Transfers

Send an Interac e-Transfer, send a reminder email, view or cancel your pending transfers all from one page.

Helpful Tips

  • Use the Quick Payment or Transfer box right on your My Accounts page to pay your bills or transfer funds
  • Look for our progress indicator used throughout Online Banking for requests and transactions to show where you are in the process. Once a step is completed, you’ll see a checkmark
  • When managing your Payee list, use the Options dropdown menu to directly complete the bill payment without having to repeat steps. Information is also prefilled, so you don’t have to duplicate anything

View and manage your payments and transfers in this section. You can:

  • Complete up to five bill payments at one time
  • Transfer funds between your BMO accounts
  • Cancel a payment
  • Investigate a bill payment
  • View and manage your future dated bill payments
  • Set up a recurring transfer
  • Cancel a recurring transfer
  • Manage your payee list, including setting up a nickname for each of your payees
  • View your payment history
  • View your session history

Helpful Tips

  • Cancel a payment directly from the My Payments & Transfers page without having to enter additional details
  • Payee is the term we've used to replace Biller, and refers to the company or organization you'd like to make a payment to

Send money to friends and family with an email address and a personal bank account in Canada quickly and securely. You can:

  • Send an Interac e-Transfer
  • Cancel your pending e-Transfers
  • Send a reminder email
  • View your Interac e-Transfer history
  • Manage your recipients
  • Learn how to receive an Interac e-Transfer

Helpful Tips
Send an Interac e-Transfer, send a reminder email, view or cancel your pending transfers all from one page.

epostTM is Canada Post's free email delivery service that allows you to receive, view, pay and manage your bills and other financial documents through a single, secure email account. After you've signed up for an epost account, you’ll be able to view your epost messages you receive in your epost mailbox through Online Banking.

You can also:

  • View your bills that you set up for epost through Online Banking
  • Pay these bills through Online Banking
  • Set up and edit your epost payee list
  • View a history of your epost messages

For more information and to sign up for an epost account, visit

Take better control of the way you manage your money and reach your financial goals sooner by:

Consolidating your transactions from BMO accounts

  • Categorize your transactions
  • Search for specific transactions

Setting saving and spending goals

  • Create budgets
  • Receive personalized progress notifications

Tracking your spending habits

  • Track your transactions by category
  • Obtain detailed transaction reports
  • Receive in-depth spending analysis

Comparing your spending to the Community

  • Compare your income and expenses anonymously to others in
    the Community.

Budgeting wisely

  • View your monthly, weekly and daily activity
  • We analyze your expense patterns so you can see when you
    spend the most

Monitoring your Net Worth

  • Calculate your total Net Worth
  • BMO accounts automatically show in your charts
  • Easily include items from other financial institutions

For more information, please visit our Manage My Finances guide.

See a detailed view of your contact information. Manage and change your settings and preferences from the menu located on the left hand side under the My Profile & Preferences tab. You can:

  • View and change your contact information
  • Change your password
  • Change your security settings
  • Link your BMO accounts: Add accounts, including BMO Nesbitt Burns or BMOInvestorLine, to your Online Banking summary as well as accounts you’d like to access through Automated Bank Machines
  • Set up and edit your mobile preferences: – Select and manage the accounts you’d like to view on your mobile phone and choose a nickname to easily identify your accounts through mobile banking
  • Set up and manage your alerts – receive notifications of your account activity and when your eStatement is available to your mobile phone and personal email address

Helpful Tips
To edit your address information, just look for the blue button in the bottom right hand corner.

BMO Bank of Montreal offers a full range of products and services as well as helpful tools
and resources for your savings, investing and borrowing needs.

Chequing and Savings Accounts

  • See what accounts we offer
  • Open up to five Canadian and/or US accounts at one time
  • Use quick links to access other information and resources

Credit Cards

  • Take a look at the full range of credit cards offered by BMO
  • Learn more about our reward programs including
    AIR MILES reward miles
  • We can help you choose a card that is right for you
  • Easily apply online

Mortgages and Loans

  • See how we can help with all your borrowing needs, like getting
    a mortgage or a loan
  • Get information on our borrowing products
  • Learn about SmartSteps for Homeowners
  • Have a BMO Mobile Mortgage Specialist call you to review
    and discuss your mortgage needs


  • Learn about the full range of investment products offered at BMO, including Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), Mutual Funds, Retirement Savings Plans (RSPs), Tax-Free Savings Accounts and other savings options
  • Arrange to have an Investment Professional contact you to discuss your investment options and help you with your investment decisions
  • Get information on how you can purchase investment products directly online or by calling us