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Working With a Real Estate Agent

While some people look on their own, there are definite advantages to having a professional take you through the process.

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  • Benefits of a Real Estate Agent

    There are many advantages to using a professional real estate agent.

    A Good Agent Will…

    • Sift through several listings to narrow your search to a select a few that meet your requirements
    • Have information on new properties even before they are listed
    • Provide you with a competitive market analysis of homes in your area of interest, so you can see what fair market value is
    • Provide information about the neighbourhood and community
    • Arrange private viewings of homes you are interested in
    • Point out advantages and disadvantages of specific homes
    • Guide you through the home buying process, including preparing the offer to purchase and other key documentation and negotiating on your behalf
    • Provide referrals to home inspectors, lawyers/notaries, movers, or lenders if you require them
    Real estate agent handing over house keys

  • How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

    Start by asking for referrals from friends or family, or go to open houses to meet some of the agents working in your neighbourhood.

    Client and real estate agent discussing home needs

    Keep the following points in mind when making your decision:

    • Look for someone who specializes in your preferred area, or type of housing (especially if you’re looking for a condo)
    • Choose an experienced, full-time agent licensed by your province. This ensures that the agent can legally represent you
    • Talk to the agent to make sure you will work well together — you’ll be spending a lot of time in one another’s company
    • Make sure your agent works with the Multiple Listing Service®## (MLS®##). Even though you can access the MLS public site, an agent has access to much more information to help you pre-screen homes, compare prices and check listing and sales prices
    • Ask about hours and availability, to be sure the agent will be able to attend viewings at times that are convenient to you
    • Talk to the agent’s previous clients to make sure they were satisfied with the service

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