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5 year closed variable mortgage spaecial rate

Mortgage Rates

Whether you're looking for a short- or long-term mortgage, variable or fixed rate, open or closed, we have a wide range of mortgage options and rates to meet your needs. (current as of )

Residential Fixed Rate

Your payments stay the same over the course of your term so you can budget with predictability. Choose from an open, closed or convertible mortgage depending on your needs.

Open Fixed Rate

Choose this mortgage if you believe interest rates will go down, if you plan to make prepayments of more than 20% of your original mortgage principal, or if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Term 1 Rate
6 month %
1 year %
18 year %

Convertible Fixed Rate

Offers the same benefits of a closed mortgage with the flexibility of changing to a longer fixed rate term of 1 year or longer without a prepayment charge. 2

Term Rate
6 month %

Closed Fixed Rate

Take advantage of lower interest rates than an open mortgage when you lock-in your rate for the duration of the term.

Term Rate     APR
1 year %
2 year %
3 year %
4 year %
5 year %
5-year BMO Smart Fixed Mortgage
Start pre-approval
% 2.91% *
5 year  
BMO Eco Smart   
% Call for details
6 year %
7 year %
10 year %
10-year BMO Smart Fixed Mortgage % 3.95%**

Variable Rate

While the interest rate changes with BMO's prime rate your mortgage payments remain the same throughout the term . The amount applied to the principal versus interest may change with fluctuations in BMO's prime rate. Your amortization period (number of years to repay the mortgage) may vary and be longer if rates have risen or be shorter if rates have fallen since the start of the term.

Residential Variable Rate Mortgages

Rate for residential mortgages1 Posted rates Special rates APR‡‡
3 year (open mortgage) %
5 year (closed mortgage) % 2.60% 2.62%

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