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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are an ideal way to make your money grow and protect your investment with flexible terms ranging up to 10 years. Investing in different types of GICs lets you take advantage of all the different benefits GICs offer, as well as providing diversification for your portfolio. Diversification can help maximize investment returns.

By choosing the right GICs you can:

  • Protect 100% of your capital
  • Generate steady, predictable income
  • Diversify your overall investment portfolio and reduce risk

Pay yourself monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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* BMO Growth GICs are issued by Bank of Montreal Mortgage Corporation and guaranteed by Bank of Montreal. The principal amount of a BMO Growth GIC is guaranteed and is repayable upon maturity, but there is no guarantee of earning any return linked to the performance of the underlying securities. The rate of return for the term payable, if any, will be the return on the portfolio of investments, which are the basis for calculating the return on the 4-year BMO Growth GIC (the “Reference Portfolio”) subject to the following: the rate of return for the term will not be less than zero or more than the maximum rate of return for the 4 year term, which for the BMO Growth GIC series 106 is 16%. The return on the Reference Portfolio, if any, is determined without reference to any dividends or distributions paid on the securities and is the simple average of the percentage changes in the value of each underlying security in the Reference Portfolio over the term of the BMO Growth GIC. The rate of return for the term: (i) is not compounded; (ii) as set out in this advertisement is based on the BMO Growth GIC series 106 and the maximum rate of return for the term is subject to change between series; and (iii) is not an annual rate but is the rate of return over the entire term of the BMO Growth GIC. If market disruptions or other special circumstances affect the calculation of the return, the calculation agent may adjust or delay the calculation or payment of interest, estimate the value of an underlying security, replace a security and/or determine the amount of interest, if any, that may be payable in an alternate manner. The terms and conditions for BMO Growth GICs are available at your local BMO Bank of Montreal branch.

BMO Growth GICs are not available in RRSPs if the BMO Growth GIC’s maturity date is after the date you are required to convert your RRSP to a RIF.