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BMO® AIR MILES®† Mastercard®*

BMO AIR MILES Mastercard

Welcome offer: Get 500 AIR MILES Bonus Miles after your first credit card purchase!

Get 1 Mile for every $20 in credit card purchases.16B
  • $0
    annual fee8
  • 19.99%
    for purchases8
  • 22.99%
    for cash advances8

Get 1 Mile for every $20 in credit card purchases.16B Here’s how it works:

  • Spend
    monthly on card purchases16B
  • Get
    Miles annually
  • Redeem
    95 Cash Miles = $10
    Flights start at 1200 Dream Miles

Your no annual fee card also gets you :

  • 1.25x Miles when you use your card at Shell,14 and 1.5x17 at National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car25
  • more Miles when you add additional cardholders for free
  • more Miles when you also use your Collector Card at AIR MILES partners

Here are some of the features that keep your card protected:

Other features you can add

AIR MILES calculator

How many Miles can I earn in a year?

How much do you think you’ll spend per month on your card?
Use of the AIR MILES calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Values displayed valid as of February 1, 2017.

Your results


total Miles in your first year

including 500 Bonus Miles.†*
Here’s what you can do with your Dream Miles:
  • Toronto to Thunder Bay

    Toronto to Thunder Bay

    1,200 Miles
  • Vancouver to Kelowna

    Vancouver to Kelowna

    1,200 Miles
  • Calgary to Fort McMurray

    Calgary to Fort McMurray

    1,200 Miles
  • St. John's to Halifax

    St. John's to Halifax

    1,200 Miles
  • Montreal to Toronto

    Montreal to Toronto

    1,300 Miles
  • Calgary to Vancouver

    Calgary to Vancouver

    1,300 Miles
  • Toronto to New York

    Toronto to New York

    1,300 Miles
  • Vancouver to Seattle

    Vancouver to Seattle

    1,300 Miles
  • Calgary to Winnipeg

    Calgary to Winnipeg

    1,700 Miles
  • Ottawa to Halifax

    Ottawa to Halifax

    1,700 Miles
  • Saskatoon to Vancouver

    Saskatoon to Vancouver

    1,700 Miles
  • Regina to Seattle

    Regina to Seattle

    1,700 Miles
  • Vancouver to Los Angeles

    Vancouver to Los Angeles

    1,900 Miles
  • Victoria to San Francisco

    Victoria to San Francisco

    1,900 Miles
  • Vancouver to Las Vegas

    Vancouver to Las Vegas

    1,900 Miles
  • Calgary to Phoenix

    Calgary to Phoenix

    2,700 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Seattle

    Winnipeg to Seattle

    2,700 Miles
  • Montreal to Saskatoon

    Montreal to Saskatoon

    2,800 Miles
  • Toronto to Orlando

    Toronto to Orlando

    2,800 Miles
  • Toronto to Calgary

    Toronto to Calgary

    2,900 Miles
  • Regina to Las Vegas

    Regina to Las Vegas

    2,900 Miles
  • Montreal to Miami

    Montreal to Miami

    2,900 Miles
  • Halifax to Fort Lauderdale

    Halifax to Fort Lauderdale

    3,100 Miles
  • Montreal to Calgary

    Montreal to Calgary

    3,500 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Las Vegas

    Winnipeg to Las Vegas

    3,500 Miles
  • Edmonton to Montreal

    Edmonton to Montreal

    3,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Toronto

    Vancouver to Toronto

    3,600 Miles
  • Edmonton to New York

    Edmonton to New York

    3,900 Miles
  • Calgary to Chicago

    Calgary to Chicago

    3,900 Miles
  • Toronto to Seattle

    Toronto to Seattle

    3,900 Miles
  • Ottawa to Yellowknife

    Ottawa to Yellowknife

    4,000 Miles
  • Toronto to Los Angeles

    Toronto to Los Angeles

    4,300 Miles
  • Ottawa to Las Vegas

    Ottawa to Las Vegas

    4,300 Miles
  • Montreal to Yellowknife

    Montreal to Yellowknife

    4,300 Miles
  • Vancouver to New York

    Vancouver to New York

    4,700 Miles
  • Montreal to San Francisco

    Montreal to San Francisco

    4,800 Miles
  • Montreal to Seattle

    Montreal to Seattle

    4,800 Miles
  • Quebec City to Las Vegas

    Quebec City to Las Vegas

    4,800 Miles
  • Calgary to Orlando

    Calgary to Orlando

    5,000 Miles
  • Halifax to Las Vegas

    Halifax to Las Vegas

    5,200 Miles
  • St. John's to Los Angeles

    St. John's to Los Angeles

    5,200 Miles
  • Yellowknife to Halifax

    Yellowknife to Halifax

    5,200 Miles
  • Charlottetown to Los Angeles

    Charlottetown to Los Angeles

    5,200 Miles
  • Halifax to Seattle

    Halifax to Seattle

    5,400 Miles
  • St. John's to Seattle

    St. John's to Seattle

    5,400 Miles
  • Victoria to Orlando

    Victoria to Orlando

    5,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Miami

    Vancouver to Miami

    5,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale

    Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale

    5,500 Miles
  • Kelowna to Fort Lauderdale

    Kelowna to Fort Lauderdale

    5,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Honolulu

    Vancouver to Honolulu

    5,800 Miles
  • Vancouver to Maui

    Vancouver to Maui

    5,800 Miles
  • Calgary to Maui

    Calgary to Maui

    6,300 Miles
  • Regina to Honolulu

    Regina to Honolulu

    7,200 Miles
  • Saskatoon to Maui

    Saskatoon to Maui

    7,200 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Honolulu

    Winnipeg to Honolulu

    7,400 Miles
  • Whitehorse to New York

    Whitehorse to New York

    7,500 Miles
  • Yellowknife to Maui

    Yellowknife to Maui

    7,600 Miles
  • Toronto to Honolulu

    Toronto to Honolulu

    7,900 Miles
  • Thunder Bay to Honolulu

    Thunder Bay to Honolulu

    7,900 Miles
  • Toronto to Kona

    Toronto to Kona

    7,900 Miles
  • Montreal to Honolulu

    Montreal to Honolulu

    8,500 Miles
  • Montreal to Maui

    Montreal to Maui

    8,500 Miles
  • Quebec City to Maui

    Quebec City to Maui

    8,500 Miles
  • Whitehorse to Orlando

    Whitehorse to Orlando

    8,600 Miles
  • Yellowknife to Orlando

    Yellowknife to Orlando

    8,600 Miles
  • Halifax to Honolulu

    Halifax to Honolulu

    9,700 Miles
  • Halifax to Maui

    Halifax to Maui

    9,700 Miles
  • Calgary to Amsterdam

    Calgary to Amsterdam

    7,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Shanghai

    Vancouver to Shanghai

    7,800 Miles
  • Vancouver to Rome

    Vancouver to Rome

    7,900 Miles
  • Victoria to Franfurt

    Victoria to Franfurt

    7,900 Miles
  • Calgary to Tokyo

    Calgary to Tokyo

    8,000 Miles
  • Yellowknife to Oslo

    Yellowknife to Oslo

    8,200 Miles
  • Vancouver to Istanbul

    Vancouver to Istanbul

    8,400 Miles
  • Regina to Beijing

    Regina to Beijing

    8,400 Miles
  • St. John's to Dubai

    St. John's to Dubai

    8,400 Miles
  • Saskatoon to Delhi

    Saskatoon to Delhi

    8,400 Miles
  • Quebec City to Honolulu

    Quebec City to Honolulu

    8,500 Miles
  • Montreal to Dubai

    Montreal to Dubai

    8,900 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Hong Kong

    Winnipeg to Hong Kong

    8,900 Miles
  • Montreal to Tel Aviv

    Montreal to Tel Aviv

    8,900 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Beijing

    Winnipeg to Beijing

    8,900 Miles
  • Toronto to Dubai

    Toronto to Dubai

    9,300 Miles
  • Ottawa to Seoul

    Ottawa to Seoul

    9,300 Miles
  • Toronto to Hong Kong

    Toronto to Hong Kong

    9,300 Miles
  • Toronto to Dubai

    Toronto to Dubai

    9,500 Miles
  • St. John's to Honolulu

    St. John's to Honolulu

    9,700 Miles
  • Quebec City to Maui

    Quebec City to Maui

    9,700 Miles
  • Montreal to Hong Kong

    Montreal to Hong Kong

    9,800 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Dubai

    Winnipeg to Dubai

    10,000 Miles
  • St. John's to Delhi

    St. John's to Delhi

    10,000 Miles
  • Winnipeg to Johannesburg

    Winnipeg to Johannesburg

    10,000 Miles
  • Halifax to Delhi

    Halifax to Delhi

    10,000 Miles
  • Regina to Dubai

    Regina to Dubai

    10,500 Miles
  • Saskatoon to Dubai

    Saskatoon to Dubai

    10,500 Miles
  • Edmonton to Dubai

    Edmonton to Dubai

    11,000 Miles
  • Calgary to Johannesburg

    Calgary to Johannesburg

    11,000 Miles
  • Vancouver to Dubai

    Vancouver to Dubai

    11,500 Miles
  • Victoria to Sydney

    Victoria to Sydney

    11,500 Miles
  • Vancouver to Auckland

    Vancouver to Auckland

    11,500 Miles
  • Victoria to Dubai

    Victoria to Dubai

    11,500 Miles
  • Calgary to Sydney

    Calgary to Sydney

    12,000 Miles
  • Blender/Choppers


    700 Miles
  • Chef's Tools

    Chef's Tools

    700 Miles
  • Hair & Grooming

    Hair & Grooming

    700 Miles
  • Jewellery


    725 Miles
  • Blenders


    800 Miles
  • Pet Accessories

    Pet Accessories

    800 Miles
  • Scales


    800 Miles
  • Toys & Activities

    Toys & Activities

    800 Miles
  • Tools


    850 Miles
  • Mixers/Food Processors

    Mixers/Food Processors

    900 Miles
  • Toaster Ovens

    Toaster Ovens

    900 Miles
  • Baby Monitors

    Baby Monitors

    950 Miles
  • Cordless Phones

    Cordless Phones

    950 Miles
  • Fitness


    950 Miles
  • Cleaning & Laundry

    Cleaning & Laundry

    1,000 Miles
  • Coffee Makers

    Coffee Makers

    1,000 Miles
  • Flatware


    1,000 Miles
  • Bed & Bath

    Bed & Bath

    1,025 Miles
  • Luggage & Bags

    Luggage & Bags

    1,050 Miles
  • Baby Gear

    Baby Gear

    1,100 Miles
  • Headsets


    1,200 Miles
  • Watches


    1,250 Miles
  • Blu-ray Disc Player

    Blu-ray Disc Player

    1,300 Miles
  • Binoculars


    1,400 Miles
  • Bluetooth® Speaker

    Bluetooth® Speaker

    1,400 Miles
  • Digital Cameras

    Digital Cameras

    1,600 Miles
  • Sports Memorabilia

    Sports Memorabilia

    2,250 Miles
  • GPS Systems

    GPS Systems

    2,475 Miles
  • Gaming Systems

    Gaming Systems

    3,000 Miles
  • Camcorders


    3,900 Miles
  • TVs


    4,200 Miles
  • Copper Cookware

    Copper Cookware

    5,200 Miles
  • High End Blenders

    High End Blenders

    6,200 Miles
  • High End Coffee Systems

    High End Coffee Systems

    7,600 Miles
  • High End Ladies Watches

    High End Ladies Watches

    8,850 Miles
  • High End Stand Mixers

    High End Stand Mixers

    9,550 Miles
  • High End BBQ's (Seasonal)

    High End BBQ's (Seasonal)

    10,000 Miles
  • Major Appliances

    Major Appliances

    11,000 Miles
  • High End Men's Watches

    High End Men's Watches

    12,000 Miles
  • 60" TVs

    60" TVs

    14,500 Miles
  • High End Electric Bikes

    High End Electric Bikes

    16,000 Miles
  • Massage Chairs

    Massage Chairs

    18,700 Miles
  • 4K TVs

    4K TVs

    23,000 Miles
  • Curve TVs

    Curve TVs

    24,500 Miles
BMO CashBack Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer: Get 4% cash back in your first 4 months‡‡
Then get 1% cash back on all credit card purchases2B
BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer: Get 4% cash back on every purchase** (first 4 months)
Then get 1.75% cash back on all credit card purchases2B
BMO World Elite Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer: Get $200 in travel rewards,1 plus $2 in travel rewards for every $100 spent
Get 2% back in travel rewards9 for every $1 spent
BMO AIR MILES Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer: Get 500 AIR MILES Bonus Miles
Then get 1 Mile for every $20 in credit card purchases16B
BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard
annual fee8
Lowest BMO interest rate
Enjoy a lower interest rate and more savings power
BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer : Get 2,000 AIR MILES Bonus Miles
Then get 1 Mile for every $10 in credit card purchases16B
BMO Rewards Mastercard
annual fee8
Get 1 BMO Rewards point for every $1 spent9
Earn BMO Rewards points for great merchandise, gift cards, travel and more.
BMO SPC CashBack Mastercard
annual fee8
Welcome offer : Get up to $60 cash back††
Then get 1% cash back on all purchases2B
annual fee8
Welcome offer: Get 500 AIR MILES Bonus Miles†*
Then get 1 reward mile for every $20 in credit card purchases16B
BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard
U.S. $35
annual fee8
When your purchases total U.S. $1,000 or more in a year, next year's annual fee is rebated to your card.21
BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard
annual fee8
A secure payment card loaded with your own money
BMO CashBack World Mastercard
annual fee8
Earn 1.25% cash back2A
Enjoy exclusive perks and redeem your cash back your way
BMO AIR MILES World Mastercard
annual fee8
Earn 1 reward mile for every $15 spent16A
Earn AIR MILES Reward Miles faster to use towards great travel, merchandise and more
Oops! You can only compare three cards at once.