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What is BMO InvestorLine

Explore the advantages of trading with one of Canada’s largest online brokerages. Make confident online investing decisions with our easy-to-use trading platform.

BMO InvestorLine online investing platform as it appears on a smartphone, desktop computer and tablet
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Trade smarter

Make better stock investing decisions with research, tools and real-time data.

Stay informed with alerts

Our Alerts and Watch Lists keep you informed with up-to-the-minute news and stock price changes.

Track your investment performance

Easily compare stocks and ETFs, review past performance, and identify trends with interactive charts.

Choose from a variety of accounts

Open the investment account that works for you with no minimum balance.

Tools for smarter trades

Get leading research at your fingertips

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Research from industry leaders
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Identify new opportunities

From the latest Canadian and U.S. company reports to stock screeners, alerts and more, find what you need to discover, research and analyze new investments.
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Track how your portfolio is doing

Whether you want to do an in-depth analysis or need a quick glance, our charting service, compare tool and watch lists help you stay on top of your investments.

Advanced tools for Active Traders

BMO Market Pro

Take analysis to the next level with our advanced online trading platform

  • View real-time streaming charts with over 100 technical studies, including advanced drawing tools and the ability to compare between stocks or indices
  • Act quickly on opportunities with point-and-click trading
  • Review streaming Level 2 information to identify areas of support and resistance for better-informed trading decisions
  • Create custom watch lists of up to 500 securities to track securities you wish to follow
Explore BMO Market Pro
BMO Market Pro online trading platform running on a laptop and a desktop computer