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How-to Tutorials

I have more than one BMO InvestorLine account, how do I connect them? (1-HOW-TO-connect.pdf 684KB-PDF)

How do I transfer assets into my BMO InvestorLine account from an existing account (including accounts from a different financial institution)? (2-HOW-TO-fund.pdf 729KB-PDF)

How do I make a trade? (4-HOW-TO-trade.pdf 701KB-PDF)

Where can I find a quick account demo? (3-HOW-TO-tour.pdf 650KB-PDF)

How do I look up stock quotes? (10-HOW-TO-stock-quotes.pdf 685KB-PDF)

How do I view my orders and set up fill notifications? (15-HOW-TO-stay-on-top.pdf 642KB-PDF)

How do I set up buy and sell stop orders? (16-HOW-TO-stop-orders.pdf 683KB-PDF)

How do I create a watchlist? (5-HOW-TO-watchlist.pdf 621KB-PDF)

How do I set up stock and news alerts? (6-HOW-TO-alerts.pdf 832KB-PDF)

Where can I find CFRA stock picks? (7-HOW-TO-experts-reporting.pdf 709KB-PDF)

Where can I find Morningstar Research? (8-HOW-TO-experts-saying.pdf 858KB-PDF)

Where can I find analyst ratings and research reports? (9-HOW-TO-morningstar.pdf 758KB-PDF)

How do I use the screening tool for stocks and mutual funds? (11-HOW-TO-screening-list.pdf 863KB-PDF)

How do I screen and compare ETFs? (12-HOW-TO-ETF.PDF 697KB-PDF)

How do I view pricing analysis for stocks and indexes? (13-HOW-TO-pricing-analysis.pdf 728KB-PDF)

How do I find and compare undervalued stocks? (14-HOW-TO-value-analyzer.pdf 664KB-PDF)