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adviceDirect provides specific investment advice and continuous portfolio monitoring. It also provides support from investment specialists who can provide guidance and information when you need it.

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No two investors are alike. Get personal recommendations tailored to your investor profile.


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Optimize your portfolio


adviceDirect continuously reviews your holdings and provides recommendations to ensure your portfolio is optimized according to your investor profile.


Look before you trade


Gain insight into how a buy or sell will affect your portfolio before you make the trade.




We watch your portfolio even when you can't. Receive proactive notifications alerting you to any issues or rating changes to securities that you hold in your portfolio.


Investment specialists


With adviceDirect, you'll have access to a team of investment specialists who can provide guidance and support as you make your investing decisions.


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Prefer to invest on your own?


Our Self-Directed service offers leading-edge tools and research.


Take a look at BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed.

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