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We want the freedom to make financial decisions everywhere

As our lives become increasingly mobile, we expect instant access to information and services wherever we are. Technology is making this possible – but only as a means to an end. What we really need is to feel confident that we’re in control of each new situation and prepared to make all the right choices as we move through the world.

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“InvestorLine’s online research tools give customers the confidence to make investment decisions at the speed of the market. These tools matter to our clients – and we’re proud to be the team that built them.”

Cesar Rainusso,
Vice-President, Strategy and Product Development
BMO InvestorLine
Toronto, Ontario

When people talk about being connected everywhere, it’s with a different sense of place than they had a generation or even a decade ago. Shopping no longer requires stores. Classrooms have become online spaces. Employees work from home or take their virtual offices on the road. Markets are defined as much by the exchange of bits and bytes as they are by trade in goods and services.

At the same time, people are travelling further and more frequently than ever before. While political borders remain intact and in some places are etched more deeply, in the world of commerce, traditional boundaries are disappearing. Businesses make investments and forge partnerships in every corner of the globe. And people follow their education and career goals wherever opportunity leads them.

For financial institutions, meeting expectations in a borderless world means providing the one essential resource required by both organizations and individuals: timely, accurate and secure information. Businesspeople and consumers alike want a comprehensive picture of their past transactions and current situation. They need data they can trust, understand and immediately act upon. And they want expert guidance on a range of potential strategies – at any time of day, wherever they happen to be.

Above all, customers want to feel that they’re in control, that the choices they make are not constrained by a need for anyone else’s permission or approval. The information that reaches them on the move is ultimately validated by the confidence it instills – in helping to shape a clear, well-grounded plan.

As we reassess our relationship with money, the financial institutions that provide true value understand that the ability to make informed decisions everywhere is not about devices, it’s about independence.

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BMO on YouTube

Social media offer us a whole new way to interact with customers on their terms. Webcasts on the BMO Capital Markets portal give investors access to the opinions and research of our key economists. The Harris enCircle website offers expert eldercare advice, ranging from how to navigate important legal and financial decisions to avoiding caregiver burnout. BMO Money Diarie$ invites students to share their ideas for managing their money while at school.

Going Beyond

The growth of our network in China is helping us provide seamless service to customers preparing to immigrate to North America, and to customers wanting to invest in China. Our solid reputation and relationships in China and India are also providing valuable pathways for our commercial clients looking to expand into emerging markets.

Up-to-the-Minute Information

BMO introduced a mobile conference application that allows attendees at BMO Capital Markets conferences to use their mobile devices to access up-to-the-minute conference information, including their individual meeting schedules, agendas, and speaker and company information. And our Twitter feed helps clients who use social media get BMO Capital Markets information in real time.

How Canadians Bank: 5% Combination, 4% Telephone banking, 45% Online banking, 23% in person, 23% ABMs. Source: The Strategic counsel for the CBA (2010)

The Informed Entrepreneur

The BMO Business Coach series now offers over 120 podcasts delivering expert advice to entrepreneurs on how to run their business better.

Image of a BMO financial expert helping a customer

Experts on Demand

Team members come together from across financial disciplines to ensure the solutions we provide fit with the client’s overall financial picture. TelePresence is helping. This video conferencing tool allows us to bring the best BMO financial experts to our personal, commercial and corporate clients, everywhere they’re needed.

Rethinking Call Centres

In November 2010, BMO opened the lines at our state-of-the-art facility that will bring 1,700 personal, commercial, credit card and collections call centre agents together into a single facility. By working as an integrated team, agents are better positioned to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Harris customers banking online can access eChat to talk with a banker in real time or click Push to Talk to receive a call back within 60 seconds.