Your Wealth Plan: A personalized blueprint for your prosperity

Your Wealth Plan: A personalized blueprint for your prosperity

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Your Wealth Plan is the cornerstone of your financial life. It provides you with a comprehensive snapshot of your current financial situation, along with a roadmap to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.


It’s important to review your Wealth Plan on a regular basis – that’s because it’s a living document that evolves with you.


Your BMO Private Banking Relationship Manager will work with you to help ensure your plan reflects your financial priorities and tolerance for risk, even as those change over time. Think of it as a blueprint for your (and your family’s) prosperity.

Your investing goals


At the heart of your Wealth Plan are your investment goals (think of this as your target investment returns) and your asset allocation strategy (a plan to help you achieve those goals). Your target investment return is unique to you. It aligns your return expectations with your objectives and the amount of risk you’re willing to take to achieve them. Your target return also gives you and your BMO Private Banking Professional a framework to measure your investment performance against your objectives over time – so that you always know where you stand.


The value of a Wealth Plan has become particularly evident in the volatile markets we’ve experienced over the past few years. Your plan gives you the discipline to stay the course, whatever the markets are doing. Ultimately, what matters most is not necessarily outperforming the capital market returns at any given moment, but achieving the returns you need to meet your goals.

Your changing risk tolerance


Your Wealth Plan also gives you the opportunity to continuously re-evaluate your tolerance for risk. For instance, if you find you’re less comfortable with market volatility than you were several years ago — or even one year ago — it may be time to sit down with your BMO Private Banking Relationship Manager and revisit your asset allocation in light of your more conservative risk tolerance.


Or perhaps your increased earning power has allowed you to boost your annual savings rate. In this scenario, your higher level of investment contributions may allow you to take on less investment risk to achieve your target investment return.


Your BMO Private Banking Relationship Manager can discuss and implement investment strategies that are right for your unique situation — and that can help you achieve your wealth goals.

A comprehensive approach


As you move through the different phases of your life, your objectives are likely to change. After focusing on accumulating wealth in the early stages of your working life, your priorities may shift to wealth preservation later in your career, as you become more concerned with protecting your family and your assets.


Meeting the financial challenges of your children’s education and building an estate for your loved ones also present new priorities. Along the way, you’ll likely look for ways to take full advantage of tax-sheltered savings vehicles and consult with professionals to help ensure you have the right insurance in place. Indeed, with increased net worth comes increased financial complexity and the need to manage it.


Your Wealth Plan will help you manage these increasingly complex considerations — including estate planning, philanthropic objectives, insurance needs and tax-minimization strategies — in light of your objectives and priorities. Your BMO Private Banking Relationship Manager works with a team of professionals in these areas to help ensure all your needs are supported.


Have there been changes in your life or your tolerance for risk? Is it time to revisit your Wealth Plan? Speak to your BMO Private Banking Relationship Manager today.




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