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B M O G I F Investor Kit & Point of Sale Material

Find everything you’ll need to get your clients started with B M O Guaranteed Investment Funds. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of mandatory and supplementary documents to share with your clients, as well as other important resources.

Mandatory Documents

You must provide the B M O G I F Information Folder and Policy Provisions and the B M O G I F Fund Facts to clients, in addition to the relevant application once completed and duly signed, prior to the purchase of a Contract.

  • Your client should review this important information for key things they should know about their Contract.
  • This document contains investment strategy, past performance, and the fees or charges that may apply for each segregated fund available through your clients’ B M O G I F Contract.
  • For Client Name individual (Registered & Non-Registered) and Corporate Contracts.
  • For all Individual and Corporate Contracts held in your Distributor’s Name acting as agent for the Contract, rather than B M O Life Assurance Company.
  • For Client Name T F S A Contracts only.

Supplemental documents

WealthLink for Investors – Making it Easy 843E
  • This 3-step guide explains how your clients can get online access to their B M O G I F accounts.
BMO GIF Client Guide 595E
  • This guide gives an easy to read overview of B M O G I F with illustrative examples of how features work.
Reason Why Letter 817E
  • You may want to share this letter with your clients to aide their decision-making process. Be sure to fill out the generic sections before you share.
Segregated Funds or Mutual Funds 598E
  • Help your clients understand the difference between segregated funds and mutual funds and how B M O Guaranteed Investment Funds can be part of their financial plan.
BMO GIF Monthly Savings Brochure 599E
  • Illustrate how B M O G I F can help your clients reach their retirement goals sooner.