Photo of a phone being used to make a purchase via Mobile PayPass.

Why Mobile PayPass?

Experience a smarter,
way of paying
using your mobile phone.

How it Works

The Mobile PayPass Tag44 communicates wirelessly with the PayPass terminal. Stick it to the back of your mobile device and you're ready to Tap & Go®* for gas, coffee or groceries – anywhere PayPass is accepted.

Photo of PayPass tag on a mobile phone.

Order Mobile PayPass

To order your FREE Mobile PayPass Tag today call us at
(TTY 1-866-859-2089)

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Order your Mobile PayPass Tag once you receive your BMO credit card.


It's convenient

Making small purchases is fast and hassle-free. Simply Tap & Go and you're on your way

It's rewarding

If you earn rewards on your BMO credit card, you'll continue to earn rewards with your Mobile PayPass purchases.

It's secure

Secure encryption technology makes your Mobile PayPass Tag as safe as your regular credit card. Plus your phone never leaves your hand when making a purchase.