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Goodbye RSP deadline. Hello 15% bonus.

Say goodbye to the stress of the RSP deadline with regular monthly contributions. Smaller contributions throughout the year make it easier to set aside money for your RSP.

Bonus offer of 15%

Until March 1, 2013, set up and maintain a new mutual fund continuous savings plan (CSP) for 12 months and receive a one-time 15% bonus on your first month's contribution (up to a maximum of $150 – see complete Offer Details). For example, if you contribute $350 per month, you'll receive a one-time bonus total of $52.50!

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A CSP is a smart way to grow your savings over time. Here's how you benefit:
  • Convenience
    A one-time set up makes saving automatic! Essentially, you can set it and forget it, while watching your savings increase over time! You can choose the frequency and amount that works best for you.
  • One less deadline
    With a CSP, you can put the RSP deadline out of your mind and still reach your contribution goal each year.
  • Easier on your budget.
    Regular contributions throughout the year can be easier on your budget than finding the money all at once at deadline time. Use the CSP Calculator to see how regular contributions can help you achieve your savings goal.
  • Dollar cost averaging
    Mutual funds fluctuate in value based on market conditions. By investing the same amount each month, you buy more fund units when the cost is lower. This can reduce the average price per unit you pay over the long term.