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BMO Rewards® Business Mastercard®*

BMO Rewards Business Mastercard
  • Welcome Offer: Get 35,000 points and the $120 annual fee waived in the first year. That’s a total value of $295 when you pay with points.1
  • Earn 3 BMO Rewards points for every $1 you spend on gas, office supplies and cell phone/internet bill payments2
  • Earn 1.5 BMO Rewards points for every $1 you spend4
No Annual Fee for the first year1
  • 14.99%
  • 22.99%
    Cash Advances3
  • $120
    Annual fee3
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Use of the BMO Rewards calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Values displayed valid as of March 2, 2021.

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Points earned each month
Points earned in your first year
Calculation includes 35,000 welcome points when you spend $5,000 in first 3 months.1
Here’s what you can do with your BMO Rewards points:
  • 1 night 4-star Hotel in Montreal
    20,000 Reward points
  • 1 night 4-star Hotel in Banff
    25,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Chicago
    40,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to San Francisco
    45,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to New York
    50,000 Reward points
  • 1 week convertible car rental
    55,000 Reward points
  • Calgary to Miami
    58,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Chicago
    61,000 Reward points
  • Las Vegas 4 night Flight + Hotel
    65,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to London
    72,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Paris
    81,000 Reward points
  • St. John's to Las Vegas
    84,000 Reward points
  • 2 nights 4.5-star Hotel in South Beach
    90,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Barcelona
    92,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Venice
    95,000 Reward points
  • 7 night Caribbean Cruise
    100,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Tokyo
    100,000 Reward points
  • Halifax to Paris
    104,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Istanbul
    112,000 Reward points
  • Calgary to Barcelona
    113,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Rio de Janeiro
    118,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to London
    124,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Dubai
    132,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro
    136,000 Reward points
  • St. John's to Paris
    140,000 Reward points
  • 10 night Mediterranean Cruise
    150,000 Reward points
  • Halifax to Tokyo
    154,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Tibet
    159,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Kuala Lumpur
    160,000 Reward points
  • Regina to Dubai
    162,000 Reward points
  • 7 nights - Mexico 5-star All Inclusive
    170,000 Reward points
  • Regina to Mumbai
    172,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Cape Town
    190,000 Reward points
  • Toronto to Sydney
    198,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Sydney
    198,000 Reward points
  • Vancouver to Cape Town
    206,000 Reward points
  • St. John's to Cape Town
    214,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Kuala Lumpur
    225,000 Reward points
  • St. John's to Sydney
    245,000 Reward points
  • 7 nights - St. Lucia 5-star All Inclusive
    250,000 Reward points
  • 2 week South Pacific Cruise
    260,000 Reward points
  • Montreal to Cape Town
    270,000 Reward points
  • Regina to Tibet
    307,000 Reward points
  • 1 year magazine subscription
    6,500 Reward points
  • Fitness tracker
    10,500 Reward points
  • 20 piece flatware set
    10,500 Reward points
  • Cheese board set
    10,000 Reward points
  • $50 gift card
    10,500 Reward points
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio system
    13,000 Reward points
  • Digital kitchen scale
    15,000 Reward points
  • Pearl fashion necklace
    15,500 Reward points
  • Indoor skydiving experience
    16,500 Reward points
  • Ladies fabric tote bag
    18,000 Reward points
  • High performance multimedia speaker system
    20,500 Reward points
  • Women's fragrance gift set
    21,500 Reward points
  • $100 gift card
    21,500 Reward points
  • Stoneware casserole dish
    23,500 Reward points
  • High performance in-ear headphones
    24,500 Reward points
  • Ladies weekender bag
    26,500 Reward points
  • 8-cup food processor
    28,000 Reward points
  • Men's designer sunglasses
    30,000 Reward points
  • Hard case spinner luggage
    32,000 Reward points
  • Waffle/omelette maker
    33,500 Reward points
  • Ionic ceramic hairdryer
    34,500 Reward points
  • Compact drill/driver kit
    37,000 Reward points
  • Crystal wine glass set
    39,000 Reward points
  • Wearable activity tracker
    39,000 Reward points
  • Freshwater pearl earrings
    44,000 Reward points
  • HD touchscreen e-reader
    48,000 Reward points
  • High performance around-ear headphones
    52,000 Reward points
  • 3D 4K Smart Blu-ray player
    52,500 Reward points
  • Panini press and skillet grill set
    56,000 Reward points
  • Inn & Spa Getaway experience
    59,000 Reward points
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
    62,500 Reward points
  • Ladies designer watch
    65,000 Reward points
  • Noise cancelling headphones
    69,500 Reward points
  • Home coffee and espresso brewing system
    70,000 Reward points
  • Stainless steel cookware set
    75,000 Reward points
  • Compact hard floor vacuum
    78,000 Reward points
  • Designer leather tote bag
    84,000 Reward points
  • Garment bag spinner luggage
    86,500 Reward points
  • Self-programmable thermostat
    87,000 Reward points
  • 32-inch LED TV
    95,500 Reward points
  • Digital camera
    99,500 Reward points
  • $500 gift card
    100,000 Reward points
  • Waterproof digital camera
    104,500 Reward points
  • 3-piece hard side spinner luggage set
    113,500 Reward points
  • High velocity blender
    126,500 Reward points
  • Natural gas barbeque
    129,500 Reward points
  • Professional grade blender
    130,500 Reward points
  • 40 inch Smart HD TV
    176,500 Reward points

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Cardholder Agreement

A detailed explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a BMO Mastercard cardholder.
Download PDF for full details

Terms and Conditions

This guide outlines in detail terms and conditions governing your BMO Rewards Mastercard rewards.
Terms and Conditions

BMO Rewards Business Mastercard Terms & Conditions

  1. BMO Rewards Business Mastercard applications must be received between March 2, 2021 and October 31, 2021 (the “Offer Period”) to be eligible for this offer. The 35,000 BMO Rewards welcome bonus points offer and the annual fee waiver in the first year is limited to new BMO Rewards Business Mastercard accounts. You will earn 35,000 BMO Rewards points when you spend $5,000 in eligible card purchases (less refunds and excluding cash advances, cash-like transactions, interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments) in the first three (3) statement periods from the account open date. 35,000 BMO Rewards points will be applied to your BMO Rewards Collector Account within three (3) business days following the eligible $5,000 spend. The primary cardholder’s annual fee of $120 will be rebated in the first year and will appear as a fee and a credit on the primary cardholder’s first statement. The primary cardholder’s annual card fee applies after the first year and will appear on your account statement twelve (12) months after the account open date. If an additional cardholder is added to the account within the first year, the Additional Card annual fee of $50 per card will be charged at a prorated rate and will not be waived or rebated. This offer is not available to current or former BMO Rewards Business Mastercard cardholders who reinstate a closed account or open a new account during the “Offer Period”. Existing BMO credit card cardholders who transfer into this product during the Offer Period are not eligible for this offer. If you cancel your card within ninety (90) days of account opening, the welcome bonus will be cancelled. This offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.
    Pay with points: Pay with Points is one of the redemption options available to BMO Rewards cardholders. Cardholders can visit to redeem their points to cover transactions made in the last 30 days by the primary cardholder. The cardholder is required to have enough points for $1 minimum redemption. Redemptions can be made for the full amount of the transaction or only a portion. Pay with Points won’t be available for transactions posted to the account for more than 30 days. Transactions made in the following categories won’t be eligible for this service: Money Transfer Agent/Wire Transfers, Financial Institutions-Manual cash disbursements, Financial Institutions- Automated cash disbursements, Non-Financial Institution – Foreign Currency/Quasi-Cash, Dating or Escort Services, Truck Stop Transactions, Government-Owned Lottery (US Only), Government-Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling) – (US Only), Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing- (US Only), Betting including lottery, gaming, chips, track wagers, Political Organizations, Religious Organizations, Tax Payments, Merchants that have sale of counterfeit or trademark infringing products or services, Merchants that have sale of adult or mature content products or services. To redeem points, log into your BMO Rewards Account through The mobile application may not be available on all devices, and is subject to additional terms and conditions. Points will be redeemed up to the full amount of your Eligible Purchase or the cash value of your points, whichever is less. Only the Primary Cardholder is authorized to log into the BMO Rewards Account and redeem points. Point redemptions are reflected as soon as the next business day in your BMO Rewards Account and, on a monthly basis, as credits on your monthly statement.
    Note: Point redemptions do not count towards your monthly minimum payment. You are responsible for paying the minimum amount which appears on your monthly account statement.
  2. You will earn 3 BMO Rewards points for each dollar you spend (up to an annual limit of $50,000) at gas stations, office supply stores, and on your cell phone/internet (phone) bill payments. The 3 BMO Rewards points includes the base earn rate of 1.5 BMO Rewards point for each dollar you spend and the bonus of 1.5 BMO Rewards points for each dollar you spend in qualifying gas, office supply stores or cell phone/internet purchases. To qualify for the bonus reward points, your purchases must be made at merchants classified in the Mastercard network as Service Stations (gas stations with or without ancillary services) and Automated Fuel Dispensers (Merchant Codes: 5541 & 5542), Stationery and Office Supply Stores (Merchant Codes: 5111 & 5943) and Cellphone/Internet billings (Merchant Codes: 4812, 4814 & 4816). Some merchants may sell similar products/services or are separate merchants who are located on the premises of these merchants but are classified in another manner, in which case this bonus earn would not apply. After you reach $50,000 in qualifying gas, office supply stores or cell phone/ internet purchases, you will earn 1.5 BMO Rewards point for each dollar you spend on these purchases and on all other eligible purchases made with the card.
  3. Ongoing interest rates, interest-free grace period, annual fees and all other applicable fees are subject to change. Cash advances include balance transfers, cash-like transactions and Mastercard cheques. Visit for current rates and fees; call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-844-385-5055, or visit your branch.
  4. Subject to the BMO Rewards Terms and Conditions for Business, BMO Rewards points are calculated based on purchases of goods or services charged to the BMO Rewards Business Mastercard account, less any refunds or adjustments, rounded down to the nearest whole point. Cash advances (including purchases of foreign currency or travellers cheques), interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments and any amount other than purchases that may be charged to the account with the card, do not qualify for points. Bank of Montreal may establish other qualifying and nonqualifying transactions from time to time.
  5. Please refer to your BMO Mastercard Cardholder Agreement for more information.
  6. Subject to terms and conditions, including limitations, exclusions and other important information contained in the BMO Business MasterCard Travel Protection Certificate of Insurance, which is sent to new cardholders. Insurance benefits provided by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company (Canadian Branch).
  7. Subject to terms and conditions, including limitations, exclusions and other important information contained in the BMO Mastercard Liability Waiver Program description, which is sent to new cardholders. Program benefits provided by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada.
  8. a) As an Official Partner of Cirque du Soleil in Canada, Mastercard is proud to offer BMO Mastercard cardholders access to 15% off admission to Cirque du Soleil shows touring Canada. 15% discount is automatically applied on tickets purchased via Valid on available seats. Sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. May not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Not valid on previous purchased tickets. While quantities last.
    b) As an Official Partner of Cirque du Soleil in Canada, Mastercard is proud to offer BMO Mastercard cardholders access to 20% off on resident shows in Las Vegas. 20% discount is automatically applied on tickets purchased via Offer valid for selected performances and seating. Subjected to availability. Cannot be combined with any other offer discount. Offer is not valid for previously purchased tickets. Tickets subject to applicable Live Entertainment Tax, service fees, and delivery fees. Sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.
  • TM/® Trademarks of Bank of Montreal.
  • ™*/®* Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Used under license.