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I need an effective estate and insurance plan

Are you concerned about passing along your wealth to the next generation? Leaving a lasting gift to your community? Do you feel less than confident that your own affairs are in order? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from a plan
tailored to your unique circumstances

An effective estate and insurance plan can help you organize your assets, minimize taxes and pass along your estate in the manner you intend. Your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor can help you explore your estate and insurance planning needs and coordinate the development of your plan.

Expert Advice

Your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor will collaborate closely with you and your other trusted advisors to help you address key issues.

  • How to ensure the instructions in your will are consistent with how your financial affairs and assets are managed.
  • How to protect assets from taxes and unnecessary probate (the sometimes complex and costly process of establishing the legal validity of a will).
  • How to manage the fair and timely distribution of your estate according to your wishes.
  • How an insurance strategy may preserve or enhance your estate and protect your family in the event of your death.
  • How to minimize capital gains taxes during and after your lifetime.
  • How to preserve funds in your RRSPs or RRIFs for your heirs.
  • How to establish powers of attorney (mandates in Quebec) to protect and manage your finances and personal care if you become incapacitated.

By working with your Investment Advisor and our Estate & Insurance Advisors (Financial Security Advisors in Quebec), you can develop a plan that compliments your current financial situation and communicates your wishes for the future. When necessary, we’ll work with your other advisors, including your accountant and lawyer. Your advisors will review your plan with you so it continues to reflect changes in your life.

It’s never too early think about estate planning. To get started on an estate plan, contact a BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor at a branch near you. Or, to have an Investment Advisor contact you, fill out this form.

Advice in action: Paul and Deborah

Paul and Deborah have a close-knit family, including three grown children. Now in their early 60s, they are financially successful. They have an extensive investment portfolio, own rental properties and like to relax at the family island cottage they built 25 years ago.

One of their key financial goals is to leave significant inheritances – including the family cottage – for their children. Because one son and one daughter are living on the other side of the country, it seems practical to leave the cottage to their other son, who lives only 100 kilometres away. Paul and Deborah want to treat their children fairly, so they want to provide equally for the children who won’t share in the cottage. They’re also looking forward to continuing to live the comfortable life they’ve established for themselves when they retire.

A BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor can show Paul and Deborah how an estate and insurance plan can help them preserve their assets and ensure a fair distribution of their legacy among their children, and refer them to appropriate professionals who can assist them with legal, tax and estate-planning issues. With a plan in place, Paul and Deborah’s Investment Advisor can help them better structure their investments to meet their current needs and long-term goals, while maximizing tax savings. Their Estate & Insurance Advisor can also help the couple explore life insurance and other strategies to ensure fair distribution of their estate.

All insurance products and advice are offered through BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc. by licensed life insurance agents, and, in Quebec, by financial security advisors.
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